Awaken to Your Inner Psychic

Psychic & Intuitive Development Instinct–Intuition–Psychic Abilities Every creature is born with instincts that allow it to survive. We use our intuitive and psychic abilities every day to “read”... [Read more...]

Phoenix Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Soul Path Reading, Spirit Guides, Emotional Healing, Past Life Reading, Past Life Regression   Psychic Readings available in the Phoenix area by phone. Or take... [Read more...]


Tarot is a language articulating the soul’s journey on the wheel of life. Just like the Fool in the tarot deck we travel through life’s journey from the many aspects and parts of ourselves... [Read more...]

Psychic – Animal Communication

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Pet Psychic – Animal Communication Our animal friends share with us a natural wisdom that is connected with all living beings. They teach us to feel this. People who have animals in their lives understand... [Read more...]

Sage – Psychic Channel

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Psychic, Medium, Channel, Spiritual Counselor Sage is a gifted psychic and medium using clairvoyance (visions), clairaudience (receiving messages) and clairsentience (sensing). She has provided readings... [Read more...]

Fortune Tellers – Fortune Telling Reading

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The difference between a professional Psychic and a Fortune Teller is the type of psychic they are. A professional psychic, works in a professional way of providing answers that best support you in your... [Read more...]

How to Get the Best Psychic Reading

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Keys for Getting the Best Psychic Reading Knowing what you want to ask. A psychic reading which has a specific focus will usually be more satisfactory than a “general” reading which has no... [Read more...]

Psychic Bill of Rights

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ESP – Psychic Bill of Right 1. One has the right to discover and freely use their psychic intuitive abilities. 2. One has the right to use their psychic-intuitive (ESP) sense along with their... [Read more...]

History of American Psychic Readers

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by Nirup America was founded on the idea of freedom of religious and spiritual expressions. The psychic realm is a part of the religious and spiritual world, and so, our psychic history is intertwined... [Read more...]

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