I would like to share with you on how to find the best psychic for you. Last day we talked about how beneficial it could be to already know before going to a psychic of what it is that you want to address during the session. This can help give you the best possible reading, and it also allows the psychic to know what you’re interested in so they use the time wisely to bring through that information for you. 

Today I want to talk about how not all psychics work in the same way. Some psychics prefer not to have you ask questions and others prefer it. Myself, I very much prefer it as it allows me to have an idea of the different areas my client’s interested in so that I can put that information out to higher source and allow that detailed information to come back through me to my clients. 

There’s also a difference in the way that psychics bring through information. This can depend on the level of the abilities of the psychic or their particular specialty. Some psychics are intuitive and do not have the ability to see images, but have a sense or a feeling of things. This is called clairsentience: clear sensing. Some of the other ways that psychics use their abilities clairvoyance. Now that means clear seeing. This is what people are most familiar with, and potential clients think all psychics have an ability to see things.

Another way of receiving information is called clairaudience. This is clear hearing. Now this can be information that the psychic hears within their head, or it can also come externally where that psychic may hear from the outer those words spoken to them. 

 Another level of using your psychic abilities is called claircognizance. Claircognizance is that clear knowing, where that information just comes into us and we just know it to be true. Now you may have also had experiences with any of these yourself in receiving information from higher source, that claircognizance of I just know this. I don’t know how I know it, I just know it. 

Being able to have the abilities, as a psychic to read on all does levels, such as myself, brings the best possible reading to the client. We also have our specialties and what types of readings we like to give to our clients. Some psychics may want to focus on working as a psychic medium. This is where a psychic connects to loved ones on the other side. Not all psychics have the ability to dial in, you could say, to this frequency. Think about it as a radio with specific stations, that a psychic can align themselves to that frequency, that vibration, and focus their energy to receive information from that level. 

There are also psychics who are more skilled and qualified in answering everyday practical questions for your life, on relationship, career, making moves, family matters, this kind of thing, and who are also able and skilled within themselves to work on a more spiritual higher level on knowing your life path, tuning in to your life’s purpose, being able to read your chakras, your auric field, and tuning into your guardian angels and spirit guides. Again, not all psychics work in this way. Seeking out a psychic such as myself who has trained in many areas allows you during a session many areas of interest for guidance and healing to be provided. I alway recommend reading the biography on a clients website to see the levels of skills they work at as well as reviews online and their website.