What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a process where I align my higher self/higher mind with that of Source (Spirit) and that of the clients higher self/higher mind. The higher self is a natural connection to that of Source (Spirit), which, allows me to “see” and read people with whom I am in contact with. The pathway of psychic energy/information is from the higher self, through the body consciousness, to the conscious mind. Psychic information can be received in a number of ways. Such as: Clairvoyance (seeing pictures or images); Clairsentience (sensing feelings, emotions and energy); and, Clairaudience (psychic hearing, receiving messages and people such as myself who are psychic spiritual counselors have the ability of providing people with additional information in dealing with difficult life situations.

It is very important that the psychic giving the reading has the clarity to state the information in a clear unbiased way. The information coming through can only be as clear as the person doing the reading. That is why the psychic needs to have been responsible for clearing any blocks in their emotional and mental bodies that could be an obstacle to receiving and transmitting information. This clearing of a person’s emotional and mental bodies can be done through meditation, personal growth techniques, energy work and other alternative therapies. Not all psychics read at the same level, or in the same way, nor are intuitive readers necessarily psychic, so when choosing a psychic have in mind what you are looking for so as to seek out the right person for you.

What Are Readings Good For?

  • A psychic reading can help put things into perspective and bring clarity with decision making, bringing peace of mind.
  • A psychic reading can help you to discover your core passions and creativity.
  • A psychic reading can get you in touch with past lives, that you have lived before and your relationships to others in past lives. (this is also known as reincarnation).
  • A psychic reading can be used when you need affirmation or confirmation on something you are experiencing.
  • A psychic reading can help you to discover blocks in your life that are preventing you from being inwardly and outwardly successful.
  • A psychic reading can help you with a career change, as well as what type of work is best suited for you.
  • Through a psychic reading I can connect with those you love, who have crossed over into the spirit world.
  • During a psychic reading you can ask questions in the areas of; career, work, love, relationships, family, health, money, life’s purpose or spiritual path.

How to Get the Best Reading?

Keys for Getting the Best Psychic Reading

Creating the right atmosphere.

It’s best if you feel you are in a safe place, relaxed, comfortable and open-minded. Why? Because tension creates a barrier. Also, if you are overly skeptical or very upset about something, it is as if your doors are closed, and no psychic intuitive counselor can easily get through that barrier. It is important that you are willing to give me your permission to “psychically look” into your condition and relative issue.

I provide an audio tape of each session, so you can relax throughout the psychic reading and not be concerned with remembering each point. Then you can review the psychic reading at your convenience.

Being willing to participate.

A good psychic reading is a two way street interaction. The more aware you are of your issues and corresponding questions, the more effective the reading will be. A psychic reading which has a specific focus will usually be more satisfactory than a “general” reading which has no real focus.

Some of the areas you might ask questions in: relationships, family, career, studies, health, life’s purpose, spiritual path, loved ones here, and passed over into the spirit world.

Having realistic expectations.

The way life really works is the same way a psychic reading works. It comes in “bits and pieces”. That is to say, we receive life’s information in fragments and then we must figure out how best to use the information. We cannot see our life from start to finish. The best we can do is be present to what is in our life in the moment and act accordingly. Psychic secret; psychic information comes in flashes, bits & pieces, and slices. No psychic can see all aspects of your life, make your problems disappear, or provide for your dreams to come true! But, we do promise a few valuable insights, some clarity which can give you the opportunity for making better decisions for your best and highest good. Remember, your life is the product of your free will and the decisions you have made; so is the rest of your life and a psychic reading can help with those future decisions.

Ask for clarification when needed.

If you don’t understand something I’m saying, please ask for clarification. Non-understandings and misunderstandings are easy and can be common in psychic readings. We all have different backgrounds and therefore can have different frames of reference for words or phrases. So if something is not understood, please ask.

Be on time for your appointment, and considerate if you need to cancel.

Being late can affect the length of your appointment as other clients are scheduled around your appointment time. Contact the psychic if you need to reschedule or cancel. Not showing up because you changed your mind is inconsiderate to the psychic, their time and their business financially. There are many other people who would like to have a session, and if the psychic knows of your cancellation, she can fill it.

What Are Psychic Abilities & Intuition?

Psychic senses are those senses that we all have within us. They are the more subtle senses of the non-physical world; also known as, our sixth sense or intuition. These senses are known as: clairsentience (sensing subtle feelings, emotions and energy), clairaudience (psychic hearing; hearing messages and words come to you), and clairvoyance (seeing pictures or images). Most people can learn how to tune into these more subtle levels and begin using their latent psychic talents. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to provide people with the education and training for their psychic development.

When as children we start developing a sense of self (ego), and we are encouraged to depend solely on our minds, we start moving away from our sense of knowing, feeling and intuitive centers. We are then even more conditioned to depend on external influences such as parents, teachers, society—“knowing what is best for us” and we stop trusting our inner sixth sense. This carries on into our adult life; and the knowing that we’ve lost something valuable.

It is time to acknowledge our true nature, our God/Goddess or Buddha nature, and start accessing our innate primordial wisdom. Our lives will then be more fulfilling, inwardly and outwardly. Visit Awakening The Other You to develop your intuition and psychic senses.