Spiritual Mentoring —
Being on a Spiritual Path

I am a nondenominational spiritual teacher/mentor. My purpose is to help you create a deeper connection within yourself and that of God/Source/Spirit and to help you take the steps on your right path on your life’s journey.

Free 15 minutes introductory consultation. For those who are serious in
developing their spiritual awareness and spiritual path.

Call me at 928-300-8338

  • Individual sessions: $165.00 per hour.  (In person or over the phone).
  • Package of five sessions: $725.00 Discount  In person, or phone sessions, with email support.
  • Package of Ten sessions: $1400.00  In person, or phone sessions with email support.

thumb-7Over the past 20 years I have guided thousands of clients from all over the world by phone and in person in Sedona AZ. As a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Mentor/Teacher, many clients come to me,
and some of the most asked questions are…

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • Why am I here, what are my soul’s lessons?
  • How do I make a deeper spiritual connection to myself and that of God/Source/Spirit?
  • How do I know what spiritual path is right for me?
  • I am on a religious path and yet why do I feel something is missing, I am still feeling an emptiness inside, a sense of being disconnected and feeling discontented, why is that?
  • I feel distracted and stressed with my outer life, how do I find the balance?
  • How do I connect to my intuition in order to make the right choices in my life?
  • I need support in being organized and disciplined to stay on track with things I want to accomplish, can you help?

In our consultation with my clients, whether it is for a single spiritual mentoring session or for a series of ongoing sessions, we will address together what your intention and goals are and create an overview of how I could best support you.

In a series of ongoing sessions, I will design a program specifically for you and take you step by step as you grow along your spiritual path. This can be from three months to a six months, or longer, depending on your depth and interest of your spiritual growth and awakening.

The free initial 15 minute session will give us a chance to get to know each other. We will be able to see if we feel compatible and comfortable with the energy between us, and the work we want to do together.

Before our Spiritual Mentoring consultation, please contact me by email. Include your contact information, and how you would like me to contact you to set up our initial consultation. In your email to me take some time to tell me a little about yourself. This can include about your spiritual, personal life or family.  I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your spiritual path of awakening, and finding peace, contentment and joy.

Sessions and Fees


Single Spiritual Mentoring Sessions:

Individual sessions:This can be scheduled one session at a time.

Package of Five Spiritual Mentoring Sessions:

Package of five sessions: $625.00 ($125.00 each) We will set up a series of five sessions, these will be spaced out over a three month period, based on our conversation and what it is you are needing. These mentoring sessions can be in person, over the phone with email support. This package will expire in three months from purchase date. Unused sessions fees are non refundable. Payment plan available.

Package of Ten Spiritual Mentoring Sessions:

Package of Ten sessions: $1150.00 ($115.00 each) We will set up a series of ten sessions, these will be spaced out over a six month period,  based on our conversation and what it is you are needing. These mentoring sessions can be in person, over the phone with email support.  This package will expire in six months from purchase date. Unused sessions fees are non refundable. Payment plan available.

What is Spiritual Mentoring?

A spiritual mentor is a teacher or guide who has become advanced to a higher level on their own spiritual path of spiritual awakening. They have gone within themselves and become one with their own true nature and that of God/Source/Spirit. They have had deep spiritual and mystical experiences of the beyond and have gained the inner wisdom and techniques to help and guide others on their life’s path, their purpose, and of spiritual awakening.

In offering spiritual mentoring I can support and guide you in awakening to your inner spiritual truth, to assist you with the steps on your life’s path, to teach your techniques and give you tools to help you along the way.

In my life I have experienced many different paths of spirituality and religion, and feel that all paths lead to the Oneness. Since I was four years old I began a path of Christianity, I can remember the feelings of ecstatic joy I felt within my being when I was in church, seeing the beauty, experiencing the ritual, feeling the energy and hearing the music. These experiences has always stayed with me, and looking back I am aware at those times, I was at one with my divine spiritual nature and a sense of something greater.

I followed this path until I was 22 years old, however along the way at times I lost this connection of ecstatic joy and felt alone and sometimes in despair.  At 28 years of age I went on a journey of traveling around the world experiencing many cultures, many religions, and in search of myself. This eventually led me to India, where I spent ten years in a spiritual mystery school, with my beloved teacher and master Osho, and have been on this spiritual path of awakening for the past 20 years. It is my deepest passion to help others to awaken to their own true divine nature, and either to find a new path that is right for them, or to deepen the path that they are on already.

What We Will Cover in Our Work Together?

As a spiritual mentor/teacher, some of what we will cover based on what your interests and needs are.  I will psychically look into your energy and subtle bodies to see where you are at now, and where you need to move towards. I will look into your spiritual body, give a soul reading and life’s purpose reading, see who your guides and angles are and help you connect to them. I will help you to understand the path that is aligned to you and what you are here to learn, this time around on the earth plane.

As part of the spiritual path of awakening and understanding and living your true nature we will look at the mental and emotional body levels and do techniques to clear away blocks, old beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve you.  I will provide techniques for you to use in your daily life in connecting to your intuition and maintaining peace and balance.

As a spiritual mentor/teacher I have experienced my own inner divine nature and therefore I will be able to take you deeper into yourself, and help you connect to that spiritual place within your being that is part of your soul, part of your true nature. You will begin to experience yourself beyond the knowledge of the Ego/Personality and will experience the qualities of awareness, oneness and emptiness.

I have clients who before coming to me have gained much knowledge through study of spiritual practices and principles, and yet may not have truly experienced a deeper connection to their own being. They have gathered a lot through the mental process of the Ego/Personality, but may not have transcended or gone beyond the Ego/Personality to experience from a deeper level of their inner being. This is a good entry point on the path, and with the work that we do together they can and do go further to allow themselves to have the experiences and realization of their own spiritual un-foldment.

Caution in Choosing a Spiritual Mentor/Teacher.

The first thing is, you want to feel comfortable and a sense of trust with the person you are working with. It is OK to ask the mentor/teacher about their own spiritual path and work they have done personally and spiritually to evolve to where they are now. Diplomas, degrees and training may help but it is also important to see if they have awakened within themselves to a level of inner knowing and divine wisdom to be able to guide and support you, they can only take you as far as they have traveled themselves.

There are some practical considerations in the choosing of and working with a spiritual mentor/teacher. There are qualities one would expect to find in someone who is truly serving this function of pointing to the deeper truth of Being. Unfortunately, there are many examples of teachers that don’t always live up to the ideal. While even a poor teacher may serve someone’s spiritual un-foldment, it is wise to use some discrimination.

There is a difference in living and teaching from the Spiritual Ego, and living and teaching from the Spiritual Awakened “Self”. Many so called teachers think and believe they have arrived, that they know, but they do not. They may have taken the first step on their path and not realize that the path they are on has not gone beyond the spiritual ego. You will know these people as they are egotistical in their energy and words, and gathering energy from others and power, be aware of these kinds of teachers.

Remember a spiritual mentor/teacher is a guide along your path, a support for you to go within and find your own true nature and connection to your intuition so you can be the Master of your life.  This is needed in the beginning, but at some point when you have arrived and made the connection to your inner higher self, you will say goodbye with love and gratitude to your mentor/teacher for what they have helped you to learn and experience. You may still be connected in some ways, and may even go on to teach and mentor others.

To begin your journey call 928-300-8338
or email me at readings@psychicnirup.comnow for your Free 15 minutes introductory consultation.

I look forward to supporting you on your spiritual path of awakening.

Many Blessings,