Pet Psychic – Animal Communication

Our animal friends share with us a natural wisdom that is connected with all living beings. They teach us to feel this. People who have animals in their lives understand how important they are. Our animal friends are simple, trusting and loving with us. They show us about acceptance and being in the moment. They also teach us to listen and respond more from our hearts, more from feeling than analyzing which are why they are also natural healers for us. Communication with your animal friends and pets is common in your daily lives but there are times when you don’t know what is happening with them and it takes looking a little deeper to discover it.

Animals are spiritual and emotional beings just like us so I tune into them psychically the same as I do with people. I use telepathy to find out what their experience is, why they behave in a certain way, how they feel, and if there is something they want to communicate. Sometimes it is just simple changes needed in their lives or in their environment. Animals are so connected to people that they can also sympathetically take on humans emotional states because they love us unconditionally. When people become aware of this, the animals show distinct shifts in their behavior and health. Sometimes it is as if they are trying to tell you something you can’t see.

When I do a psychic session for animals I focus and consciously open to the energy source and spirit that connect us. I receive visual symbols, colors, images, feelings, hear messages and sense what is happening.

Animals generally are easier to read than humans as their minds are free from conflicting thoughts. I look at them on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and at their environment for imbalances that may be creating illness, mood change or behavior problems. I communicate with them telepathically in person or at a distance. In distance communication I ask you for their name and a physical description and translate their thoughts into words. Like us animals also speak with their body language. Sometimes they speak back telepathically or it is translated from the energy source that is connecting us.

Being a teacher of Reiki and other healing therapies I also use this to sense imbalances and can often assist with re-balancing. (This is not however a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatments). Animals are very aware and sense energy. For example cats are generally very attracted whenever people are increasing their energy field with healing, meditation and love. Dogs and children however may be around for awhile but when it is too much for them they get restless. They also will find their right spot to sit in or will energize an area that is lacking in energy.

Most communication from animals is simple and has to do with what is occurring in the present although there are memory patterns. Their experiences and interests have to do with their body types, genetics, habit patterns and their living environment. They communicate according to their inherited intelligence, awareness and the connection they have with their owners. They usually communicate what they’ve been wanting to say and what is of concern to them. Animals respond very quickly to healing from emotional trauma and imbalances faster than humans. They don’t have the same mental resistances as we do or cling to the past or future. When we have had successful communication they become more energized or calm, their behavior problems shift and illnesses improve.

My background in personal counseling, psychic consulting and alternative healing was the experience that led me to also work with pets and animal friends of clients. I have always had a natural connection with nature and animals having lived my childhood in the country playing on farms, woods, creeks and fields. I grew up with cats and dogs had several friends with horses. As a young adult I lived on a farm and ranch tending sheep, goats and other farm animals.

Sometimes I work with people and tune into their pets or work with pets to find out what is going on with their people. Pets know what is happening emotionally where humans may be overlooking something. Often a healing goes on for the whole family when I tune into the animal who is often a center of love in the home.

Some Examples of  Pet Readings

– Caroline had several of her prize horses becoming ill with a type of arthritic condition that no one could diagnosis. She became desperate to solve this mystery as it continued to spread through the ranch. She was also undergoing her own health issues and couldn’t see the connection. In time she began to understand it was an issue in her life with how she was with herself and in her personal relationships. We discovered that she was harboring some internal anger and strong control issues that she was not willing to let go of. I encouraged her to start communicating these feelings and not keep them private anymore. She started letting go of these old habit patterns pushed by the fear of what was happening with her horses. As her tension started to release through counseling and communication so did the health of the horses improve.

– A loving black Lab named Sam, who was a member of a family with five children, went missing. I could see his strongest connection was to Justine a teenager planning to leave home to live with her Dad in another city. This move was causing a lot of emotional change but would also relieve family dynamics. They were afraid Sam had been killed, run over on the freeway. I could see Sam pacing back and forth lost and in confusion the same as Justine was. I told them to talk with Justine about everything going on and help calm her and the dog would return once they completed this which is exactly what happened. I suggested they talk with Justine about everything to help calm her, and Sam would return, which is exactly what happened.


You Can Tune in to Your Animal Friends

You can learn to increase your intuitive and psychic abilities, be more receptive and communicate with animals and nature. Everyone is psychic but to access this happens at your own pace according to your personal nature and sensitivity. Your willingness to receive and listen is what is necessary.

Animals are spiritual beings connected to us by the same energy source and we learn from them. When humans communicate with a clear intention, strong feeling and visualize the animals understand it. By practicing you will get results.

  • Its good to start with family pets like dogs or cats.
  • Set the right intention to work with what is for the best or highest good of all concerned.
  • Open your inner senses to fully see, hear, feel, sense and know what is needed to for support right now.
  • Always ask for permission from the animal and person you are working with verbally or telepathically if you can tune in with them. Only move in with a yes.
  • Then just see what images that might come, feelings or messages you may hear. Just be open and play with it, don’t take it so seriously that you try too hard and get stuck. Start with something simple.
  • It is best to work with feelings and visualization when you speak with animals. Sometimes we do this automatically. They are listening to your tone when you speak and feel the resonance of your voice so it is more how you speak rather than what you say even when its telepathic. Actually humans are also responding to this but not often consciously.
  • Animals by-pass the analysis we do in our minds. When you are projecting an image and feeling to them they will respond back often with body language or a mood expressed on their faces. You just sense what it is they are telling you.
  • Your animal friends will continue to try communicating as they really want to have an exchange with you and are patient especially dogs. Cats on the other hand are done when they are done and that’s it until next time, until they are ready to give you your next lesson.