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relationship-healing$39.95 Download, Healing Relationships, Cutting the Cords 

Coming Soon

This is for those who want out of or to change a negative relationship, emotionally, mentally or physically; but find themselves stuck for one or more reasons, and need a helpful process to dissolve the attachments (cords) that seem to bind themselves and others, whether a love relationship, family, friend or co-worker. In cutting the cords it will allow you to become more empowered in all aspects of your life.

“I really liked your voice and spoken demeanor. I liked I could stop the CD or fast forward it to each step. And that you gave explanations and examples to help open our thoughts to where we needed to go with it. My heart feels much more open.”Pam, CA

$39.95 Download, Meeting Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Coming Soon

You will be guided into a mediation process, connecting you to your higher self, spirit guides and angels that are here to support our on your life’s journey. You will experience who they are, be able to ask questions, receive help, guidance and clarity. Once being connected to your spirit guides and angels, you will be able to get in touch with them whenever is needed, at any time you can know that they are with you.

“I was able to connect to my spirit guides, whom I always sensed were around me, but never knew who they were, now I know.”Carolyn, Ohio“My experience of meeting my angels through this guided meditation was wonderful, I felt a real healing.” Mary, N.C.

$39.95 Download, Prosperity Manifestation Meditation

Coming Soon

You will be guided into a meditation process, connecting you to your higher self, and higher universal energies to receive just exactly what you need in order to manifest what you need in your life to create abundance, wealth, career, and prosperity.

“This technique allowed me to connect to my higher self which allowed me to see and call into my life, exactly what I needed to order to make changes. I am now in the right career.” Linda, Phoenix AZ

$298.99 “Awakening The Other You.
Developing Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities
Streaming and Download, 100 Page Manual


•Get in touch with your intuition and psychic senses.
•Connect to your Intuition.
•Develop your psychic abilities.
•Release Self Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors.
•Discover a technique to make better decisions in life.
•Learn how to create deeper connections to others.
•Get in touch with your life’s purpose and life’s lessons.
•Connect to your spirit guides and angels.
•Learn simple meditation techniques.
•Understand the Chakra System.
•Make a deeper Spiritual connection.

“This hands on training has many simple, yet profound tools for helping you open to your intuitive and psychic senses, and the higher spiritual dimensions.  Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or have been journeying for a while, Nirup’s offerings will be a powerful addition to your spiritual tool chest.” S.R, Sedona AZ

$69.95 “Intuition and Your Inner Knower Training”
Streaming and Download Manual


•Develop your Intuition and inner wisdom.
•Use your intuition in everyday life.
•Discover your life’s purpose.
•Find your passion and creativity for new projects.
•Are you feeling stuck? It helps you to become less stuck in life.
•Helps you overcome self-limiting, self-defeating or sabotaging beliefs.

“The ‘Inner Knower Process’ technique provided a forum in which I was able to develop my intuition, clear away patterns and beliefs that got in the way of me doing that before. Nirup provided guidance as to how to get to the core and defuse some of the debilitating effects these feelings cause in me.”  Carol, Ohio