Reiki Healing and Chakra Reading and Balancing can bring inner peace, and balance to your energy centers. Through a unique process Nirup can help you to clear your blocks, old patterns, thoughts and emotions that throw your energy and chakras out of balance. Nirup also uses a process to help you get in touch with your energy body and open the crown chakra to connect to your higher self and that of God/Source.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction by ” laying of hands” on the physical body or off the body working in the energy field surrounding the physical body. The process consists of lying on a massage table fully clothed in a quiet relaxing atmosphere. I align my higher-self to connecting to the Reiki symbols as well as the higher energies from Source and to your energy field and higher self. I allow myself to receive this energy to flow through me in my field and become a conduit to allow this energy to flow into your aura and energy body into the physical body, helping to energize you and balance your energy field. As additional work you can set up a longer session so that I can also have time to balance your chakras and read to see where they are in balance or out of balance and help you to clear.

The sessions are from 1 hour, $125.00 to 1-1/2 hours, $190.00 Call me directly to email to learn more about having a Reiki Healing Session or Chakra Reading and Balancing, or set up a session here in Sedona.