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Aura Chakra Analysis Report

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What Career Path Is Right for Me?

According to most career counselors, the average American works in four very different careers during his or her lifetime. Teachers retrain to become engineers. Engineers return to college to become attorneys.... [Read more...]

5 Signs You are With the Wrong Psychic

Be alert, and use your intuition when seeking out a psychic so you can avoid these pitfalls. Certain clients have a misconception of psychics (confusing us with the less-than-reputable gypsy Madame Esmerelda... [Read more...]

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How To Find The Right Psychic For Your Life’s Path

In searching for a psychic, there are some things to look for and to be aware of. If you could find a  GPS for your life, would you be interested? That’s what I do:   I provide  guidance, insights,... [Read more...]

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How to Protect Your Aura / Energy Field

Many people ask me, how do I protect my energy field. Sometime I take on others peoples energy, people I know or people I don’t know. Or even being in a particular environment affects my energy. What... [Read more...]

Making Up After You Break Up

Relationships are hard work. They are the result of a continued effort of give and take and both parties have to be invested completely for them to work properly and continue to grow. For whatever reason,... [Read more...]

Meditation – Going Within Using Sutble Higher Senses

It came to me as I was meditating this morning, to share with you how to use nature as a meditation. Siting in nature, and BEING, not trying to do anything, figure out anything, just BREATHING AND RELAXING... [Read more...]

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Tong-Lin Meditation Practice

Tong-lin Practice – Compassion Meditation   Tong-lin (Giving and receiving) is a practice which is embraced by several schools of Tibetan Buddhism. This is the method of compassion; drink in all... [Read more...]

Metaphysical Descriptions

List of Metaphysical Descriptions           Breathwork: A process of using a connected breath technique, along with evocative music, to access the deeper levels of mind for healing... [Read more...]

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Nirup’s Personal Beach Story on Intuition

It was only about a month after I had left Canada, I was in Fuji, and I was staying at a hostel on Vita Levu, this is the main island in Fuji. I had met some people from Europe and we decided to travel... [Read more...]

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