I’m here today to talk further regarding the higher psychic senses. Today I want to talk about clairsentience. Clairsentience means clear sensing.  When we talk about the clairs, the clairs are senses that we have on a higher psychic level, a more subtle sense than our gross physical senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing. Clairsentience is one that most people can recognize within themselves what their sensitivity of picking up other people’s emotions and feelings, or even sensing maybe spirit guides around them. Because we are feeling body creatures, women tend to be in touch more with their clairsentience because they’re more feeling body. They’re more emotional. They’re more in touch with their feelings and emotions even on the physical body level. 

Getting in touch with our clairsentience is easy in developing that by fine-tuning your sensitivity. This can be done by certain practices of breath work and meditation, of calming the mind. One of the things that I love to do that I work with my clients, and that is using something called qi gong. Sometimes it’s spelled chi gong. 

 Qi gong is a technique similar to tai chi, but a lot easier to use. In using qi gong, we develop, we fine tune our subtle energies within us. As we do these movements, the movements that are created through qi gong move the energies through our physical body and we start to feel more a tingling in us and a lightness in us, a sense of energized, feeling energized. This subtle energy within us is our life force energy. The more we’re in touch with our life force energy and we work at expanding that, the more sensitive we become, like animals. Animals have very subtle senses beyond our more dense physical sense. 

 You might want to ask: Why would I want to develop my clairsentience? When we develop our own inner subtle senses of feeling, we’re actually more in touch with ourselves on a deeper level, but also to nature around us, to people around us. It helps us have a stronger connection to those around us, but also to sensing our spirit guides, to sensing higher beings out there. It allows us to make a deeper connection through our sensing body to that of God source and the universe around us. 

 One of the ways of practicing developing your sensitivity is when you place one hand, your palms facing each other, one on the top and one on the bottom. Don’t actually touch the palms together. Close your eyes just so that you a sense more of looking inward. Look with your eyes closed and your hands facing each other. You can usually have a visual sensation of that as well. 

  You’re allowing your palms to be relaxed and you’re allowing them to move apart, and then floating together, and then floating apart and floating together. Just by your intent, your awareness, you can begin to feel this energy. What you don’t want to think about it or try an effort because then you go to the analytical mind where we lose touch with that sensitivity, just by your intent that I’m allowing myself to connect to the space between my palms. You will start to experience this very subtle energy. You can develop this energy more by simply moving your hand up further and then down, and just by your intent. I’m expanding six inches and falling down. I’m expanding eight inches now and falling down. 

 You’ll notice that as you keep expanding more and more, you are stretching, or what feels like stretching, this energy between your palms. Now this energy that you feel between your palms isn’t only between your palms. What’s really happening is you’re getting in touch with your energy body that surrounds the physical body, also known as the auric field around you. By working with this process, you can develop that sensitivity. The fact that you can feel this energy means you’ve allowed yourself to relax enough and to be tuned into that very subtle sensation that you’re feeling. 

In developing this more, even in your own energy field around you, once you begin to feel this energy, you can then place one hand, the top hand, over top of the bottom and just gliding, sliding if you want to call it, gliding over the body, with your eyes closed, off about two inches, with the intent again that I’m connecting to my energy and I’m moving towards my shoulder. You’ll be able to sense this very subtle energy. 

 With your eyes closed again, because this way we have a stronger connection to that energy, you can trace you physical body. You’ll notice that when you do this process, you’re more in this place of a let go, I call it, a let go, a non-effort, and an allowing. The more you do that, you’re going to be surprised that you begin to feel your auric field all over your body.

 This just helps to develop that fine sensitivity of starting to tap into that very subtle layer of feeling, clairsentience. It’s like this. If you went out into the garden and you placed your hand over top of a plant or a tree … You’re not touching it; you’re off it. You always want to give that space between the object and your palm, just bringing your awareness to it. You might say, I’m just allowing myself to just be relaxed and present in this moment. I’m just waiting. I’m just here. I’m also just noticing what it is that I feel coming off this tree orts plant. You might start to feel the energy of the tree or plant. You might start to feel emotion, believe it or not, off this plant or tree. You just allow yourself to be there to receive. You’re more in a receiving mode than in a doing mode. 

 For all our subtle senses, we do have to move into that receiving rather than efforting or doing. It’s the efforting or doing from the ego personality that creates the barrier for us to go where we need to go in using our higher psychic senses. I would recommend that you try some of these techniques so that you can develop your sensitivity. 

 When you become more aware of your clairsentience … Because it’s always there anyway but sometimes we’re not paying attention. Then we may be picking up energies off other people but not realizing what we’re doing. Then all of a sudden we feel different. By developing your sensitivities, you can also be much more aware of when you are picking up people’s energies and then work at clearing that from your field as well. You can also then decipher what is your energy, your emotions, your feelings, from maybe the person that you picked up. This will also help you to be more in touch with your emotions and thoughts and feelings and how to become the master of them a lot easier. 

 As often as you can, I would practice discovering your sensitivity with yourself. You can also work with this with somebody else. You can sit with somebody and close your eyes and place your hands just above that person’s hands, like your palms, facing each other, and allowing yourself to move into that gentle let go of non-doing by just allowing and waiting. When we start tapping into our higher psychic senses, we move into a place of allowing. You’re just there with your palms above. You’re just there with your partner, palms facing each other, and you’re just present. You’re not thinking, you’re not efforting. You’re just sensing maybe even your own palms, and the energy that is between your palm and their palm.

It’s in the allowing that we start to receive into us these very subtle impressions and feelings and sensations. You may start to notice that, as you do that, you will be picking up that person’s emotions. You may even, along with your sensing, receive some impressions, some images. Because our psychic senses are really all connected, but when we’re trying to develop them, we separate them out so we can focus on one at a time in order to develop that particular sense more. But for many people, the senses are working at the same time. 

Many people say they feel things but they’re not aware of seeing things. But very often we are seeing. We do get an impression and an image; we’re just not aware because it’s happening so quickly. Starting to develop the clairsentience is a really great way to begin because we are more in tune with our sensing than with our, say, clairaudience, clairhearing, or clairvoyance, clairseeing, or claircognizance, which is that sense of just knowing this. That’s also related to our intuition and higher knowing. 

 If you’d like to learn more about how to develop your clairsentience and also, once you do, how to build that energy but also how to master that energy and to learn how to protect that energy, to protect your sensitivity, you can visit my website, psychicnirup.com, to go further with training and developing your intuition and your higher knowing, and developing yourself through a training program called Awakening the Other You. 

This Awakening the Other You would allow you to develop your higher psychic senses as well as learning about your energy body, and your chakras, and meditations, and how to trust, and develop your intuition, and be able to have that guide you in your life. If you would like to do further training, I also work over the phone and Skype and Facetime. I would love to support you in developing your higher psychic senses. Thanks for listening today. I look forward to sharing more podcasts with you and developing yourself personally and spiritually.

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