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Meditation can reduce stress, help you to find inner peace, balance and bring clarity of mind into your life.

Individual and Private Small Group Meditation Classes

Individual Meditation Coaching Sessions – $100. per hour  and  1-1/2 hours $150.
Private Group Meditation Training – Classes
(2 or more persons) $85. p.p – per hour and  1-1/2 hours $135. p.p.
Customized instruction, theory, practice,techniques, Q & A, to fit your needs. Longer classes available

  • Learn About Meditation — What it is and what it is not.
  • Meditation can be fun and joyful experience.Understanding
  • What Meditation is and How It Can Benefit You.
  • How to Live a Meditative Life.
  • Learn how to celebrate yourself and create freedom in your life.
  • Experience Easy Steps to Quieting the Mind.
  • Experience Meditation in a Sacred Space. Longer classes
  • Learn Various Types of Meditations, active and passive techniques.

Understanding what meditation is and practical instruction with stillness meditations & active meditations.

Ongoing instruction is available, in person and long distance. All levels of previous experience are welcome.


What is meditation? Meditation is more than a state of doing; it is a state of being. It is something that happens to us when we are living in the present moment. Not thinking of the past, or of the future, but being here now. Being fully present to the moment in which we are living and which surrounds us.

What does living fully in the present moment mean, it is living from our wholeness, not from our rational mind. How to live in this state you might ask. Actually it is something that is part of who we are naturally. It is our natural state of being, part of our God/Goddess, Buddha nature. For most of us, especially in the Western world we have moved away from this place within ourselves; our inner state of being, essence, or consciousness as it is known; the part of us who we are when we put the mind aside.

The mind is a great philosopher, and life is not a philosophy, life is a reality. Philosophy is an escape from reality; philosophy means thinking. Life is – there is no question of thought. You can simply jump into it. Like that of a small child; have you ever watch a small child, they are so innocent and pure, enjoying with totality the present moment. You may ask why do we as individuals want to go there, to this state of living in the present moment. When we are living in the present moment, there is a natural connection to our center within us in which we live from. Our wholeness of who we are, a spiritual being within our physical body. In this connection to our wholeness we can experience tranquility, peace, a sense of knowing who we are and where we are going; and our connection with God or Source. So we ask ourselves how to get back to this center within us. One of the ways is learning meditation techniques, on how to come back to this state naturally.

As we are born into this life, we are connected to our natural God/Goddess, Buddha nature, but slowly over time we start to be influenced away from this natural way of being and into what is known as our ego state, which is the mind. We start to become divided, or separate from our wholeness. This separation causes us to be in suffering, if even on a very subtle level, a sense that something is missing. Even though we may not be in touch with or have an understanding of what it is we are missing. Nevertheless, we are feeling a longing or desiring to come back home to our connection with self and that of God or Source.

Meditation techniques or what is know as meditation can help us to get to this place. Anything can be used as a technique; the key is, are we totally present in the moment to what it is we are doing. Whether we are using a breathing technique, dancing, running, singing, painting, sitting silently watching our thoughts or breath, the key is to be absolutely total, present with the action, where the action and we have become one. Where we have moved out of the mind center; thinking, out of past or future, and are living in presence, here, and now.

Due to our busy lifestyles, you may find it easier to start with an active mediation, rather than a passive, quieter meditation like sitting, watching the breath and thoughts. Because of the busy nature of our mind, and not finding it easy to relax, it is almost impossible to be silent. Even while trying to sit, the mind and energy inside our body is rushing. So in the beginning I recommend something with movement, unless you are a person who finds it easy to sit. Doing active meditations in the beginning while you are learning will prevent you from becoming discouraged, feeling meditation is impossible and not for you.

With an active meditation, it is always good at the end, to take ten or fifteen minutes to sit silently resting inside, not moving, just observing from the deeper part of yourself, what is happening in the interior of your being. Feeling and being aware of the peace and tranquility; watching the breath, or your thoughts passing by moving as part of your mind stream. Connecting to your deeper core of self.

Another great way to meditate is being out in nature, simply connecting with the trees, the sky, the earth, the ocean, etc. When you can be in tune with your senses, hearing, smelling, feeling, observing without any thought, you are close to God, close to your center.

Joining a meditation group will also be of support and can be fun. Meditation is a non-serious event. We make our life serious enough, have fun with meditation, enjoy, laugh, dance, sing with it, or sit silently enjoying that too. If you are serious, know – you are back in the mind. There is a difference between being serious with mediation techniques, and being disciplined and sincere. Any tensions, strain or judgments on yourself, prevents results that could be happening.

The best way to start with mediation is to read some books, join a group, or buy tapes and CD’s. The main thing is choosing something that resonates with you; that you have a good feeling about. Remember there are all kinds of meditations for all kinds of people. Some of the books, tapes and CD’s I would recommend are:

Simple Mediation Technique

Watching the Breath

Breath Technique 15 minutes (Revised for Practice)

Finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Sitting is better if possible; remember to keep your spine erect.

Close your eyes, take a breath in when the breath touches your nostrils, feel it there, then let the breath move in. Watch it, feel it, going down towards your navel, do not let your mind wander, stay with it. Breath and consciousness should become one. The breath goes in, you go in, the breath goes out, and you go out. Only then will it be possible to get to the point, which is between two breaths.

The next step in watching the breath is to be aware of that breathing in and out creates a circle, the breath going in and out are one breath, there is a point where the incoming breath becomes outgoing. As the breath curves from up to down, through both these turns realize the “Self” In that gap (the turn) you simply are, pure existence, simple, un-embodied with no mind.

In the third step, whenever the in breath and out breath fuse, at this instance become aware of the energy-less, energy filled centers in you. When the out breath fuses with the in breath, and they become one, it is difficult to define whether the breath is going out or coming in. When it moves out or in, it is dynamic, when it is neither, it is silent, non-moving, you are near your center. The fusion point of the in and out going breath is your center.


Books on Meditation

  • Deepak Chopra, several of his books are available.
  • Osho, “First & Last Freedom”
  • Osho, “The Path of Meditation”
  • Steven Wolinsky, “Hearts On Fire, The Tao Of Meditation”
  • Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, “The Meditation Handbook”
  • Chogyam Trungpa, “The Myth Of Freedom”
  • Joseph Goldstein & Jack Kornfield, “Seeking The Heart Of Wisdom”
  • Jean Smith “Breath Sweeps Mind”
  • Lama Surya Das, “Awakening the Buddha Within”
  • Mike George, “Learn To Relax”

Meditation CDs and Tapes

  • Osho Meditations, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, Kundalini, Nadabrama, various others.
  • CD’s on Chanting, Drumming, Dancing.
  • Alberto Villado,  Morning Meditation  & Breathing Exercise

Other ways of entering into meditation are:

  • Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and other forms of centering techniques. Tapes, Videos and Classes.



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