Tarot Reading

Sessions: by phone, in person
Duration: 30 min. – 1 hour reading
Price:$65. –  $125.
The origin of the Tarot dates back over 700 years and was first used in Italy in the thirteen hundreds. It is known that the Tarot was brought to Europe by the traveling gypsies. The Tarot has been primarily connected to the Kabbala, a vast and complex system of esoteric teachings.

Tarot cards are a specially designed deck of cards with pictures and symbols on them, and contained within these pictures and symbols are particular energies and messages. Through a specific layout of the cards they revel information about a situation or event in ones life, past, present or future.

The tarot cards act as a means to tap into our psychic and spiritual connections. The cards are merely a tool, a point of focus, to allow the flow of energy and information from that of Source (Spirit). When giving a reading there is a connection between the energies of the cards; my higher self and your higher self; from here there is a natural connection to that of Source (Spirit), this alignment of energies brings the right information needed for you at the time of the reading.

It is best to have questions when having a Tarot reading, as this helps to focus the energy and information coming through, so that you will receive the most benefit from the reading. The purpose of a reading can bring clarity, insight, confirmation, and direction into ones life, which will give you the opportunity for making better decisions.

A Tarot reading can only be as good as the reader giving the reading. The level and quality of information coming through the reader is equivalent to the growth, and attunement of the reader. If the reader is not clear the reading can be biased.

A person such as myself who has for the past 20 years been in continuous pursuit of spiritual awakening, through meditation and personal psychological development, can assure you the best possible reading available. I can use the Tarot to help unlock your hidden talents or unravel life long problems, and to give you direction in making day-to-day decisions.

Psychic Palmistry Reading

Sessions: in person
Duration: 30 min. – 1 hour reading
Price:$2.20 / minute
In Psychic Palmistry I use the hand as a map to guide me into specific areas in your life. Focusing on your hand helps me to tap into your higher self, in connection with my higher self and that of Source (Spirit).

When reading your hand I start with the palm; this area revels information regarding your earth connection; physical and sexual energy, passion, your life force energy (chi), and how you relate to the world. Your palms center and side of the palm reveals your essence (spirit), and the seed line; which gives information regarding your main challenges and lessons to be learned in this life. Another way of putting it is your core issues, those patterns and events that keep on repeating themselves over and over until understanding happens and the lesson is learned. Next, we move to the fingers, which connect me to information regarding your intimate relationships, family, talents, creativity and work.

Those who have had a Psychic Palm reading find it helps them to gain clarity, peace of mind, empowerment, and new direction in areas of their life.

I enjoyed my psychic palm reading, it was a new experience for me. I gained great insight into my life in many areas, and it was a comfort to get confirmation of my decision I had made in the way of my career change. It felt it was what I needed to do for some time, but out of fear of the unknown I had put it off. My reading helped me to know that my intuition is something I need to listen to more, and when I do it takes me to where I need to go in life, in good ways for me. W.G., Bolder CO

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