Clearing your Self-Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Inner Knower Process

Most of us suffer from self-limiting beliefs and patterns, in various aspects of our lives. We are programmed from the time we are children to behave in certain ways; we are constantly bombarded with proper and acceptable behaviors. Depending on our gender, we are molded to fit into certain categories. As we grow, we are expected to meet social expectations and as we become adults we are expected to fit into other people’s ideas of who we are based on our careers and personal relationships.

Unfortunately, we come to the beliefs that when we do not meet these expectations we are lacking or inadequate. In many cases we are told from childhood that we are not enough, good enough, strong enough, or smart enough. We come to believe these things about ourselves based on outside opinions and no longer even notice or pay attention to our own natures and soul desires. 

Sometimes we strive to become something that we are not and even when we succeed, there is no joy in the success or in our soul because we are not living from our own true nature. We are not fulfilling the expectations of the one person we should be concerned with, our one true self. Each of us is unique and has a special path and purpose that is ours alone. We are each born with qualities and attributes that make us special and complete. 

Cutting through the muddle of all of the programming we have been given, helps us get back to our true self and find who we came here to be and what we came here to accomplish. 

All of the answers to the questions of our lives are within us, we come into this world with our intuition and higher awareness, and with the knowledge of how to access the information and answers that we need in order to create our lives. 

Using a unique ‘Inner Knower’ process, created by Nirup Barnum, helps you cut through the old beliefs and patterns that inhibit you, helping you to create your life differently. This process is simple and easy to use in making every day decisions, and is also invaluable to helping you get in touch with your inner truth of what you want to create for your life’s purpose and happiness. 

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