Multi-Dimensional Psychic / Soul Path Reading

Snapshot of the Soul Reading

Sessions: by phone, in person
Duration: 1 hour reading
Price: $125.00

Have you even wondered –
  • Why am I here.
  • What is my life’s purpose.
  • How do I get in touch with my soul’s essence.
  • What challenges and lessons did I come here to experience and work on.
  • Why am I with the family and friends that I have.
  • Are there karmic lessons for me to be working on.

This reading could be referred to as a snapshot of the soul.

This psychic soul reading allows you to realize how you are existing on many levels, from the subconscious to the super-conscious mind. At this level you can gain insight into what your lessons and challenges are that you came here to learn, and where your life’s path needs to flow for your Souls highest growth.

There are seven bodies within our aura known as our subtle bodies
(these correspond with the seven chakras ).

As a psychic I can bridge between these dimensions and offer very useful insights into your complex life. This can be especially helpful for you if your having any difficulty in your daily living on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
The multi-dimensional reading is also of benefit for you if would like to know more about your present and future potential. Also, how to be in alignment with your soul’s path and to gain a greater understanding of who you are spiritually.