Spiritual Guides

Connecting & Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

Guided Meditation Process to allow you to communicate with your guides.

Sessions: by phone, in person $165.00

angesmlWe have all come into this lifetime with those from the other-side that are here to protect us and guide us in our lives. Some of us are aware of them and some of us are not. Many wonder who our guides are and how we can communicate with them. Through the process of Meeting Your Guides you will be able at will when ever you want in the future to connect with them for guidance and support. There is usually one main guide that is there with us that we came into this life with, and we have others that are around us at various times.

This process I use is a guided meditation where I take you into a comfortable relaxed place within yourself, beyond the left brain (logical side of us) higher in your super-conscious mind, known as your higher self so that you may contact and even ask questions of your guides and angels. All that you need is an open trusting mind, a yes to the experience. You may meet one, two or even three of those guides or beings around you that are supporting and helping you in this lifetime.

Your session is taped so that in the future you can listen to it at anytime, and help yourself to be guided back to this space within the higher mind, to again meet your guides and angels.

It was a great experience and comfort to get in touch with my guides, I knew that I must have guides, as sometimes I felt them around me, but having the experience to actually meet them and to learn to be able to connect with them at will in the future is awesome. I go forward from my session feeling comforted knowing that I am never alone. Thank you Nirup. B.F, Albany GA

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