Accurate Psychic Readings by Nirup, in Sedona, AZ, offers Psychic Readings, Tarot cards, Spiritual Counseling, and Past Life Regression. Please take the time to read below the wonderful experiences others have had, by having a session with Nirup either in person, email or by phone.

This is a time of great change and transformation for me in my life—on both the inner and the outer levels. I sought Nirup while I was in Sedona, recently, on a vacation. I had many questions and she provided much insight and guidance to help me in making some important decisions in my life. She shared her gifts and psychic talent readily and “tuned in” on many of the variables that were unknowns to me. The information helped me to see things from different perspectives and to gain compassion both for myself and others in this journey that I am undertaking. I decided to follow up with Nirup when I returned to my home state to engage in a past life regression (by Skype) to help me heal from childhood trauma. It was a wonderful experience for me!! I found it to be very healing and transformative. I highly recommend Nirup for help in dealing with transformation, healing and change and any other issues that you confront as you live your life. Maren, CA

Thank you so much for your reading,  your guidance feels true to me! I, too, have had the same feelings….although at times….allowing the doubt and fear to persuade me to not trust myself! You are so right in describing what I am looking for in my mate……I do believe with every ounce of my being that anything is possible….and magic happens everyday! Thank you again for reminding me that I can trust what I feel! Dawn USA

I’ve had several readings in my life, but never before came away from the experience with a “tool” to apply to my life. Nirup enlightened me and opened me up to something that will enrich my life from here forward.  L.B., Scottsdale, Arizona

Through a Past Life Regression session with Nirup, I became more aware of the need for past healing, which is so important to be able to step forward in this life time. It was a very beautiful experience. The first thing we need to do to be happy is, yes, let go of the negative past and past lives. Spiritual journey is endless. And Nirup is one of the greatest healers. Thank you Nirup.  M. H., Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

This is the second reading with Nirup. After the first time my soul, heart and mind felt like they were so “on the right path” that I wanted to come back and continue to be led by her. And once again I was so inspired by Nirup’s insightful, compassionate and loving way in which she worked with me. H.W., Tempe, Arizona

I felt like Nirup keyed in immediately to a current situation in my life and gave great insight and guidance.  C.R., Yucaipa, California

Nirup began the reading, with each card she turned she told the story of my life. It was incredible how in tune she was to me. My sister who was listening was so impressed by the accuracy of my reading, she had her cards read also.  J.T., Yucca, California

I was very pleased and motivated by my reading with Nirup. She gave me quite a lot to think about. This has been a truly inspirational experience.  Kristi, Indianapolis, Indiana

I was quite impressed with Nirup’s insight into both my physical and emotional states. I believe her suggestions to help both will greatly improve my lifestyle. Thank you.  L.G., Sparta, New Jersey

After leaving my session with Nirup. I felt more confidence, trust, and balance. It was not only valuable insight, but it was also a great self esteem booster. It was as if an old friend was helping me work through my worries and I appreciate that comfort she reflected upon me.  S.B., Sedona, Arizona

I was relieved and will go forward with my teaching job this fall with renewed energy. This reading has opened my eyes to become more focused inwardly when feeling overwhelmed with the welfare of my students. I really enjoyed the reading.  C.V., Anderson, South Carolina

Actually today when I came in for the reading, I did not expect in the time I had that I could be told something that went straight to the core of my life. I feel I have a clear indication of how to enjoy and experience life to it’s fullest.  J.M., Scottsdale, Arizona

Nirup has a warm, open, receptive energy. Listening to my story, she helped me weave the path ahead of me with lightness, clarity and a renewed sense of the joyfulness that is my life. Bless you Nirup. Dr. E.G., NY, New York

I loved my reading. She was right on and helpful to find my blocks in my relationship and also to help me release them, to see things much more positively. Nirup is love walking.  S.W., Phoenix, Arizona

My reading was everything I wanted to hear, but I always kept myself from feeling and hearing, I feel I have some direction and am excited to move forward working daily on being me.  E.S., Oceano, California

Nirup did a very explicit and helpful reading for me. Confirming and affirming of my past growth and new directions. If you haven’t had a reading before, open as far as you can and you’ll be amazed at her depth of knowing. Thank you.  J.R., Santa Fe, New Mexico

My reading with Nirup was comforting, soothing, created increased hope for my future and now. Thank you, my heart and soul was touch.  C.B., Tucson, Arizona

This was my first reading I’ve ever had. The experience was all very positive and comfortable. It is something that everyone should experience.  K.G., Germantown, Maryland

I entered into my session hoping for clarity on issues with my career. Nirup immediately addressed the issues that concerned me most. I felt a strong sense of reassurance and a peacefulness with my current choices. Additionally I came away knowing what steps I should take to further my goals. An incredible reading. Thank you Nirup.  L.B., Morriston, Florida

I was nervous when I first started the reading, but, Nirup’s warm and gentle way helped me to relax immediately. After my reading I felt a strong sense of completion in matters in my life. I was able to see and hear things that validated the feelings I have inside. I have a positive attitude about my future that wasn’t there before. I really enjoyed this experience.  E.D., Everett, Washington

In my reading, we went back to a time in my childhood, where Nirup helped me to discover where some of my core issues about relationships were coming from. From this I was able to understand better how I could open up to the possibilities before me and put aside old negative, unproductive beliefs. I felt better and more open. Thank you Nirup.  C.S., Yarmouth, Maine

Nirup has a lovely soft, gentle energy. I found the reading very helpful, I feel more at peace now. Thank you. S.K., Wicklow, Ireland

I was impressed and inspired by Nirup’s sensitivity and caring. She understood my feelings as though she had seen me for years.  G.P., Toronto, Canada

I felt Nirup was very helpful to me. She made me realize things about myself that I never really noticed. She also said things that were very true about me. I was very surprised. Thank you.  R.L., Phoenix, Arizona

Nirup helped me find peace in a very difficult time in my life. I applaud Nirup in her ability to cut through problems and to help her clients focus on their needs, their worth. Thank you Nirup.  Victoria, LA, California

Within seconds from the start of my reading I was relaxed, filled with a sense of well being and transformed. This was my first reading and I’m sure not my last. Fear not, you are only looking into yourself with new and different eyes. Knowledge can only enhance your life.  J.G., Slengerlands, New York

Nirup saw into aspects of my heart that I had been in denial over for several years. She helped me to release these negative feelings and embrace hope and security, she helped me to open my heart and mind to new possibilities. I feel more at peace than I have for a long time. Thank you.  K.B., Scottsdale, Arizona

After having a psychic reading, I feel great about myself and I have a great deal of energy. S.G., Frederick, Maryland

The thoughts you shared I hope are the catalyst to propel me toward a path of personal stillness. You were “dead on” and “read” me like a book. Thank you.  B.R., Morriston, Florida

I felt that Nirup had understood me, and what was happening within myself, the reading she gave me made me think about what I want to do to help me get unstuck in the work that I do.  J.F., Glasgow, Scotland

Nirup was an incredible source of energy and inspiration. I look forward to future readings with her.  J.A., West Palm Beach, Florida

Thank you Nirup…you were MARVELOUS! I am the one that was either giggling or tearful and too overwhelmed with information and teachings at the time I was receiving your psychic gifts and insight, but OH YOU HAVE HELPED ME SO… The doors just keep opening now that I am refocused in lightwork!!! THANK YOU for being there, and for my spirit guides for getting me to you, for the wake up call!….blessings galore!  Kathy Braden, GA

It was a very interesting, inspiring, and informative workshop. I wished that Nirup could have spent another day in Hilo. I have a different perspective now on meditation and qi gong which I have practiced on and off for many years. The name of the workshop “Flowering of Awareness” is just that in the truest sense of the terms. Thank you, Nirup for providing us with this exceptionally outstanding women’s Flowering of Awareness workshop.  Bessie Kubo, Hilo Hawaii

After my mother visited Nirup in Arizona, I met her through her web site about seven years ago. I was in a place of life where I was confused about love and relationships.  Nirup responded with what she saw for my path in the future, what I needed to learn along the way, while giving me reassuring and comforting advice.  If it had been just one encounter, it would have been worth my time… but my time with Nirup has grown into much more.

Since then, I have had many more times where confusion, heartache and uncertainty has appeared. Each time that I’ve reached out to Nirup, she has been gracious, thoughtful and kind.  She has never shied away from sharing difficult information with me, but always provided hope and understanding. 

As I reflect back on the past years, and who I was then and now, I see a great transformation in myself.  I’ve developed an understanding of my worth and value in this world and in relationships. I’ve developed a confidence of where my life is going and the beauty that lies ahead.  I’ve gained a comfort in ambiguity and not knowing all the answers.  I credit much of this growth and development to Nirup.  She has become much more than someone on the other side of the e-mails and phone, she has been a thoughtful and sage life mentor to me… I’m grateful for her lessons and her generosity of time and wisdom. –  Kathleen M.