FT-Tarot CardsThe difference between a professional Psychic and a Fortune Teller is the type of psychic they are.

A professional psychic, works in a professional way of providing answers that best support you in your life.  There goal is to uplift you give direction and help you to find your next steps in life.  A Fortune Teller on the other hand, is not out for your best interests, they are out for their own in making money.  Fortune Tellers tend not to be ethical, and will give you information to string you along so that you have to keep going back to them, or they will tell you that you have some kind of curse, demons, bad blood in your ancestry and only they can clear it.

They might even tell you that you are ill and going to die, unless you use their services.  And yes, they do have some psychic abilities and this is how they hook people in, but giving them a few pieces of information, but also remember they are really good at using a script, meaning there are the similar questions that everyone asks, and so they have it down on what to say to you.

I have had so many clients come to me telling me of their bad experiences with Fortune Tellers or 5th or 7th generation psychics, same bad group of people.  I have
asked these clients, why would you pay so much money (hundreds to thousands of dollars) to someone for their services.  And the answer is always I was fearful I would stay stuck, have bad energy around me, not have a happy life, etc.  And of course the real tragedy is that what they say they are going to do, it does not work, it
is just a gimmick.

Please do not have readings with anyone claiming to be 3rd – 7th generation psychics, fortune tellers, or claiming they can heal your life.  Seek out instead an authentic and professional psychic.  You should not have to pay more than $150.00 – $200.00 for a really professional One hour reading. And in my business I offer
15 minutes to 2 hour readings, depending on what the client needs and their budget.

Never believe a psychic or fortune teller that by saying a few things, burning some candles that they can make someone love you, come back to you, make it that you get a job or anything else, they do not have the power to do this. A professional psychic such as myself, can help you to see all sides of the situation, give guidance on what you can do to help yourself or the situation, and to psychically see if what you are wanting is going to happen, or other outcomes that may be better.

Also when going to a psychic or online readings, really know who you are getting your reading with, look at their photo, what does the energy say to you about them. Trust your intuition in what you are getting, but don’t be fooled by a photo only anyone can put up a photo.  There are also many sites that have no photos of the psychics on their site, so you really do not know who you are getting.  This is so that anyone can do your reading, even those that are hired that are not psychic.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send cash or Western Union money order, these tend to reveal the fake psychics I have mentioned above.  Every person these days can get an account for business credit cards, and this can keep you safe and have recourse on getting your money back.

I hope that some of these guidelines will help you to have a positive experience.

Please contact me if I can be of help to you in
changing your life for the better. Hope to hear from you today.
Blessings, Nirup

Some common client comments:

“wonderful experience” – Los Angeles, California;

“will never forget it” – Seattle, Washington;

“right on” – Phoenix, Arizona;

“incredible” – Dayton, Ohio;

“won’t be my last” – Miami, Florida.

Please see my testimonial page containing some of the many favorable phone psychic reading comments made from my clients.