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Spirit Guides, Emotional Healing,
Past Life Reading, Past Life Regression


Psychic Readings available in the Phoenix area by phone.
Or take a short day trip to Sedona for an in-person session.


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 Nirup is a professional experienced psychic with 23 years experience, her sessions over the phone are just as powerful, accurate and enlightening as her in person readings.  People often ask her, “how can you read over the phone, is it just as accurate?”

Yes the readings are just as accurate, for Nirup it does not matter the distance that she reads from, when giving a reading Nirup tunes into your energy field, reading your vibrations, and soul spark energy, that tells alot about you as a person and your life.  Because of the way she receives information, she can read on past, present and future topics, and can look into your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, giving the information that you need for your type of session. It is beneficial to have a focus when having a session, in this way your reading will be more detailed and to the point.

Nirup is known by her clients to be caring, authentic, and compassionate in her readings and sessions, and has a way of seeing into things on a deeper level that can bring understanding, direction and clarity into one’s life.


Have you ever wondered what your Life’s Purpose is?
Who your Spirit Guides are?
Will I find my Soulmate?
What Career Path is right for me?
How do I heal my Relationship?
How do I find Inner Peace?
How do I tap into my Intuition when I need it to make decisions?

Individual Sessions

Psychic Readings — Spiritual Counseling — Emotional Healing
Past Life Regressions — Psychic and Intuitive Development
30 min — $65. / 45 min — $95. / 60 min — $125. /90 min $190. /120 min $250.

Nirup Phoenix Psychic ReadingsNirup, an internationally renowned Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, and Spiritual Counselor. — Trained in India for 7 years in meditation, spiritual awakening techniques, psychic development and energy healing. She has been living in Sedona AZ since 1999, and is originally from Vancouver Island Canada, where she owned a Meditation and Healing Center.  Nirup also gives workshops, classes and trainings in Sedona AZ, in Psychic and Intuitive Development, Meditation and Spiritual and Self Development. Over the past 23 years, thousands of clients have experienced powerful and trans-formative readings and healing. Nirup’s gentle and loving way has helped many to find answers on love, career, family & spiritual issues.

With Nirup’s healing energy, compassion, and clairvoyant psychic insight into your body/mind/emotions she can help you to have an experience of true emotional healing, feeling peace, clarity and direction in your life.  Whether you experience a Psychic Reading, Spiritual Counseling, Past Life Regression, Soul Reading, Spirit Guides, Aura/Chakra Energy Healing and Balancing, Intuitive/Psychic Development with Nirup, your experience will be something that will enhance your life.

Nirup also offers psychic development, personal development and intuitive training, in person, DVD and online training. Please visit – Awakening The Other You


“I’ve had several readings in my life, but never before came away from the experience with a “tool” to apply to my life. Nirup enlightened me and opened me up to something that will enrich my life from here forward.”  L.B., Scottsdale, Arizona

“My session over the phone was very uplifting and gave me the direction and clarity I needed to go forward with my career path. Nirup helped me to look deeper into myself to find my passion and to know my right path, she helped me to see the strengths I had within for the changes that I needed and to trust in myself. Thank you Nirup.” M.S., Phoenix AZ