Tarot is a language articulating the soul’s journey on the wheel of life. Just like the Fool in the tarot deck we travel through life’s journey from the many aspects and parts of ourselves towards that of integration and wholeness. It’s a journey that can take us from whom we think we are to a place of discovering who we really are.

If you are willing to say yes you will journey through amazing adventures learning how to hear clarity of truth, feel depth of heart and heights of intuition. You will encounter the many levels of creativity, love, birth and transformation. You will study, teach and move through many conflicts to find your balance, justice and strength.

Your journey will take you inside yourself and out into the world of ideas and creations in your experiments with life. You will reap from your actions and reactions, be turned inside out and upside down and reach harmony and balance. If you are attentive you will see the challenges as stepping stones and that which crumbles will breaks you free into something new. Life leads you through all of its pleasures and pains, darkness and light, confusion and clarity, doubt and hope.

A state of powerful presence occurs when you let go of the attachments to pleasure and resistance to pain and be gentle, kind and allowing with yourself. You can experience more freedom and fulfillment if you become aware of and release mental conditioned patterns. The mind has a habit of dragging experiences from the past and projecting them into the future in order to have an illusion of security. You can choose instead to be available to something new and experiment with how deep and expansive you can go into each moment knowing that life brings you exactly what is required for you to remember your wholeness. Open to the possibility that life is about discovering who you really are by stepping into the unknown like the tarot’s Fool with the innocence and willingness to explore and awaken to the gift of being in this world in order to claim what is your birth right to be here.

The artistic images on the Tarot cards reflect your unique path, their symbolism offering insight into your life. As a psychic reader and spiritual counselor Maya interprets these messages using, psychic abilities, intuition and counseling skills to offer guidance. The psychic impressions she receives assist you to become more aware of the patterns and energies at play in your life, empowering you to create a life with more personal freedom. The consultations facilitate moving through and releasing obstacles from the past to create a more fulfilling life. This clarity can allow you to know your own truths, believe in your Self and become who you truly are.

Here are some fundamental discoveries that I have found most helpful in my life long quest of self-discovery and of getting from here to here! Wisdom comes from simplicity and emptiness.

  • Let go of thinking, feel what’s here to be felt.
  • Be available. Remain receptive and allowing to what life brings.
  • Say “yes” to life.


  • Accept change. Each moment is different than the last and the one to come.


  • Nature organizes best.


  • Just be willing without having to know how.


  • Get clear on your intention and then allow what is for the highest good of all.


  • Let go of the way the mind thinks life”should” happen.


  • Be vigilant with your speech. Use words that integrate and create wholeness.
  • Speak with heartfelt presence about what is true for you now.


  • Let go of stories about the past and future fantasies.



  • It’s OK to be silent and wait until there is something true for you to share.
  • When what you speak is just from the mind the energy decreases.
  • When it’s your truth from your heart the energy expands and grows.


  • When the energy decreases and it’s no longer truth stop and shift into what is underneath this and communicate what is now true.  This is very powerful and gives others permission to do the same when it happens to them.
  • Notice and release all theories, concepts and beliefs.  They are limiting and eventually cancel each other out.What is heartfelt truth is beyond all that. This is found in the now by keeping the mind empty.


  • It’s ok to feel discomfort, vulnerability and to not know.
  • Let go of the mind and having to be right.
  • Drop into the body and breathe.

Blessings, Nirup

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