Opening the Psychic-Intuitive Center

It is desirable to reach and then maintain an Alpha Brain Wave state. Say what? There are four primary states of consciousness and corresponding brainwave frequencies. When I go into my psychic reading mode, I feel myself relaxing, slowing down and opening up to a psychic space place where I receive the psychic information.

The opening of your psychic-intuitive center relies on two simple factors, being open and relaxed. When you are relaxed and open enough you will be in the proper mental state that allows your psychic-intuitive abilities to function easily. Here is a key: the moment you accept yourself you become open, and, when you accept yourself, then that begins the process in accepting others. Another key: the moment you drop having to do something you become relaxed. Or from another viewpoint, non self-judgment and non doing will allow you to be open and relaxed.

Lao Tzu once said: “When man is born, he is tender and vulnerable; at death, he is hard and stiff. When plants and flowers are alive, they are soft and supple; when they are dead, they are brittle and dry. Therefore, hardness and stiffness are the companions of death and softness and gentleness are the companions of life.” To me hardness and stiffness represent being closed and tense, and softness and gentleness are equivalent to being open and relaxed.

At any given time, we all have a certain degree or level of tension and openness. Two possible measurements are the “SUDs” level and “SUCs” level. The “SUDs” acronym stands for subjective units of distress and “SUCs” represents subjective units of closeness. The “SUDs” rating system goes from one which is completely relaxed with no stress to 10 which means absolutely stressed out and totally tense. The “SUCs” level goes from one which is totally open and welcoming to 10 which is completely close and cynical. The greater the degree of relaxation and openness on the clients side the greater the odds for a pleasant and beneficial reading. Of course, these qualities also apply for the psychic-intuitive reader. The foundation for a good reading involves suspending any doubt, at least during the time needed for the reading, and letting go of any expectations pro or con. Then, whatever is meant to come thru will come.

Four Primary states of Consciousness

The following tells you about the four basic states of brainwaves and consciousness: There are four categories of brainwaves: Beta; Alpha; Theta; and, Delta. Frequency and amplitude are the two ways brainwaves are measured. Frequency is the speed of the brain’s electrical pulses and is measured in cycles per second ranging from .5cps to 38cps. Amplitude is the strength or power of the brainwave.

  • The first brainwave state is Beta. This is our normal awake/alert working mode. It is in this conscious level that we function in our daily activities. Our brainwaves fluctuate between 13 and 39cps (cycles per second).
  • The second brainwave area is Alpha. This is our relaxed and meditative mode. Alpha waves pulsate between 8 and 12cps. In this state we can more easily access the right-side of our brain which lets us connect better with our intuition and creativity. It is here that we can receive insights that can provide significant life change improvements.
  • The third brainwave state is Theta. This is our drowsy and dreaming mode. Theta waves function between 4 to 8cps. In conjunction with meditation and within this level of consciousness, we may receive spiritual guidance or have “Ah-ha” experiences.
  • The fourth brainwave area is Delta. This is our deep sleep mode. Delta brainwaves pulsate between 0.5 to 3cps. The delta state takes us to an unconscious dreamless sleep. As humans we dream in 90 minute cycles. When our delta state increases into the range of theta, we begin to dream. This is where REM, rapid eye movement and active dreaming takes place.

Breathing Technique – In the Flow with Breath

This breathing technique helps to quiet the mind and is a quick stress reliever.

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Rest your hands lightly– your right hand over your heart and your left hand just below your belly button on your abdomen. Take a slow deep breath and feel the breath filling you as you inhale. Feel your right hand rise as your chest fills with breath, and then feel your left hand rising as the breath fills your abdomen.
  • As you slowly exhale feel your left hand sinking as the breath exits your abdomen, and feel your right hand move in as the breath leaves your chest.
  • Continue for five minutes to breathe in this manner.
  • After you are comfortable with breathing technique, start paying attention to your heartbeat and notice how you become more relaxed.
  • Once you have become more relaxed, try repeating the following affirmation mentally to yourself. “I am more than my physical body” and “I am willing to tap into my psychic-intuitive abilities.”
  • While you are relaxed and open, be aware of any images or messages that may come to you. Write whatever comes down on paper and then review it later to see if additional insights follow.

You may find that it is just not possible for you to be open and relaxed, this would indicate that a mental or emotional block might exist. I have been trained in a special technique which allows me to facilitate the removal of such blocks. If this sounds like you, then I invite you to book an EFT session (Emotional Freedom Technique) with me.

“After my EFT counseling session with Nirup, I felt a tremendous energy and happiness. She helped me work through issues and create a new reality for my life. I am now infused with a tremendous energy and vitality and ready to transform my life. I truly feel empowered. Thank you Nirup.” M.B., Irving, TX.

For a session you may contact me at 928 300-8338 you can also book a session with one of our other professional psychics.

Love & Light, Nirup
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