Frequently Asked Questions on Past Life Reading &
Past Life Regression

Why have a past life regression – past life psychic reading?

A past life regression can teach you about qualities of yourself you have that may be dormant or give reason why you act and think a certain way. It can give you the experience of knowing who you are beyond the physical body, ego, small mind. It can help you to experience something of yourself beyond that. A past life reading is where as a psychic call forth images of past lives for you, it is done by my tuning into higher source, universal consciousness, where I go to access information about someone I am doing a reading for. Then I present to the person what I am reading, this can take from 15 minutes to one hour. Depending how in depth we want to go and how many life times we want to look at. Where as a past life regression takes 1 to 1.5 hour.

Who should have a past life regression?

Anyone that has curiosity or needs to understand something about themselves, adults, children if they need it to support them in healing of some sort.

Is a past life regression safe or dangerous?

No a past life regression is not dangerous; it is simply accessing a deeper part of your subconscious that hold all memory of this lifetime and past. You are in control and can stop it at any time.

Can you get lost or stuck in past life?

This is a fear I have heard before, and this is because we do not understand the process, people think that you will actually go back in past life, become separate from this life, this is not so.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

No not everyone can be, it takes a person to have trust, to be able to let go of control of the ego, to relax enough to go into their deeper part of their mind. I provide a technique for doing this when clients are having a problem. I will only do a past life on a person that I feel would be easy to go back into the process, this including the technique to relax the person, release some of their beliefs that may get in the way, such as, I don’t think I can trust what I see, or how will I know what I see is real, or can I really say what I see. This are typical worries that clients have.

Do you need training to do a past life regression?

Yes it is necessary to have training in give past life regression sessions as a practitioner, but if you are doing it for yourself, then you can follow a guided past life tape, or learn a simple process to allow yourself to go back into past life. Those that are open to the spiritual part of their life, focusing on healing, mediation and such can have past life glimpses and memories easier.

Can you do healing in a past life?

Yes for me in particular I work in this way, in a past life healing I help the client go into the past life, see the issues, and re pattern the energies, beliefs, etc that can affect them in their current life. A change can happen immediately in this life time, as we create our thoughts, feelings, emotions so we can un-create them or re-create them.

Can past lives affect your current life?

Yes, they can and do even when we are not aware of them doing so, as we bring our past inclinations, patterns experiences into this lifetime. That memory that is deep within us holds this information.

How many lives can we have?

We can have from a few to hundreds of life times.

Are we all famous people in past lives?

Some of us can have life times where we were well known or famous people, but I find that most of our life times are very simple and ordinary. Experiencing life day to day. Learning, loving, growing.

Can we discover hidden traits and talents by having a past life and be able to use them in this life time?

Yes having a past life regression you can go back to past lives we you have had certain talents and help to get in touch with those and through the process can even be able to integrate the feelings, energies of what those were, this way you can use them in this lifetime if it feels right to do so. Example, you may be wondering what is my passion, what would I be good at. What would be aligned with my heart and soul to do for a career path? Well you may see in a past life that you loved to bake, or paint, or work in the healing profession. Or maybe you were an explorer, and felt adventure and freedom, and in this lifetime you are working as a book keeper, but feeling stifled, in experiencing and seeing this you may take a new path, that has more creativity or adventure or working outdoors, or you may simply make it a point to take up a hobby or travel to balance your life.

What if you see something bad in a past life, can it traumatize you for this life?

When you are experiencing a past life, you are feeling as if you are there and it is happening to you, as memory cannot tell if it is this lifetime or past life, in the past or in the know. You just feel and experience it. So yes you will see traumatic events, such as being in a war, or sickness or death, or a lose of a loved one, so you will feel the suffering the pain, the emotions and feelings around it. You can do one of two things, you can let it be there, experiencing it, but at the same time being aware that it is just a memory, a movie, take it in and then release it, and move onto the next scene, or you can re pattern it so that you change the outcome, the experience of it so that it changes the energy and does not affect you. Remember it is all just memory, and we are greater than those memories.

Are people from this life with us in some of our past lives?

Yes they can be, in the form or past partners, co-workers, family members, or just simply acquaintances.

How do you know if someone from this life is someone, you knew in a past life?

Sometimes you have a feeling, a feeling of always knowing this person, a glimpse visually, a knowing. And of course you can do a past life reading or past life regression.

Can things happen in past lives follow us into this life, and create problems and fears, phobias?

Yes, they can, that is when it is good to do a regression or a past life to reading to understand what is happening.

What if you see bad things that happened to you in a past life?

We will all have life times where we would consider positive and negative events, just like this current life time now. The thing to remember is that we are whole and complete as a conscious aware being and that it is part of the mind that is viewing and remembering these past lives, so not to get too identified, see it with space, with distance, just like when you go to a movie.

Are soul mates from past lives?

Yes soul mates are usually those we have been together with before in another lifetime, whether on the earth plane or from another dimension as a light being.

Does it mean if we were with someone in our past lives, we will be with them again in this lifetime?

No not necessarily, it depends on our lessons, experiences we take on in this lifetime.

Can having a past life help you to understand about yourself and others in your life today?

Yes very much so, it can bring a deeper understanding of who we are, on a spiritual level as well.

Can I do a past life regression on myself?

You can with some practice and training.

Past Life Events – A clients story:

Have you ever had an unfounded fear, or we have all had unfounded fears from time to time that others do not have, this be a result of an unresolved past life incidence. Unfounded fear and unfounded actions. Barrier to living life fully. Unfounded fear where others do not have that fear. Once you have it resolved you no longer have to live it.

Mary came to me two weeks ago for a past life reading, past life regression in my uptown office in Sedona. She wanted to explore her fear of driving over bridges, was this related to past life trauma. Mary said as far back as she could remember, every time she would have to drive over a bridge in a car she would go into a panic attack, she would be terrified that she was going to drive off the bridge and drown. She would map out her drive so that she would avoid having to feel the fear and anxiety at having to drive over a bridge even if it meant driving miles out of her way. Or she would just not take the trip.

I had explained to Mary the process of having a past life regression, and re assured her that whatever she saw she would have the opportunity to re- frame or re-pattern the events, so that she could release the fears. As Mary went back into her past life she could see herself as a women in a long dress and bonnet, with the time period in the early 1940’s, in New England, she was in a black car with her husband and others, they were making the journey, she saw a rough road ahead and a wooden bridge, at one point the car went out of control and over the bridge, everyone ending up below in the water, everyone perished. This terrifying experience had stayed with Mary in her deep subconscious. I took Mary through the re-framing process, released the experience and the fear for her in this life time.

We can do this in the process, re-writing the story, as it is all just memory anyway we are reacting to in this life time, so we can go in and change the energy and make a new memory, erasing the emotions and feelings attached to the experience in the past life. And at the end of the process, we also had her bring the new energy and experience forward to her current life, so that she could see herself crossing over a bridge in a state of calm and peace with no fears. Mary was thrilled and grateful for the session.

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