Spiritual Vortex Healing Tours

Cathedral Rock TenPeople come from all over the world to Sedona, for it’s breath-taking beauty, the Red Rock formations, relaxation, spiritual healing, and visiting the Vortex sites. It fills the senses and nurtures the Soul. It is said that being is Sedona brings you closer to God.

What makes these Vortex sites special? Within the layers of rock are quartz crystal rock, this quartz crystal helps to amplify the energies, creating a strong vortex spiral of energy that spreads out from the rocks. You can feel this energy on a physical level, emotional level, and spiritual level. It has been said “Sedona calls you!” for one reason or another.

If you have ever felt stressed out, confused, or in need of clarity and direction, or just need time to relax and rejuvenate, it’s time to get back to nature, discover the beauty that’s surrounding you and is within you… all while visiting Sedona’s most sacred sites!

Visit some of Sedona’s most powerful Vortexes, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Vortex, Boynton Canyon, Courthouse Rock. Sedona Stupa, and private sites, Red Rock State Park and some private sites.

There are some great guides at Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.  –  http://sedonaspiritual.com 

You will journey with your guide to Sedona’s most sacred sites and experience the healing and uplifting energy of the vortexes. Your Sedona Vortex experience may include Reiki healing, to balance energies, learning about the types of vortex energies, how to feel the energies. meditate, contemplate, take time to relax and come back to yourself, finding inner peace, balance and harmony.  Your Spiritual Vortex Tour will take you on a wonderful healing adventure into your spiritual quest.

What some are saying about their experience on the Vortexes.

“My spiritual vortex tour with Premala was magical. The guided meditation I experienced helped me see and feel the true energy and power of Sedona. I connected to my own spirit and was able to understand and see my life decisions I needed to make to go forward. Thank you Premala.” K.T. New Mexico

“I loved Sedona!, I loved my tour, and Premala you were wonderful, I learned allot of new things, and about my own healing energies. I am happy that I can take back home this experience, to help create a more balanced life for myself. ” Being out in the Red Rock Vortex Energy was truly inspirational.” Mary, SC