You can choose a single direction or an integration of topics and techniques. 

Psychic Readings – Tarot Cards

Relationships/Family Matters
Career/Finances/Direction/Life Purpose
Soul Mate/Past Life/Spirit Guides

Nirup’s unique psychic abilities and strong connection with Spirit make her a natural clairvoyant, intuitive and empath. She takes the time to receive and communicate spiritual messages ensuring your clarity and complete understanding.

I was very pleased and motivated by my reading with Nirup. She gave me quite a lot to think about. This has been a truly inspirational experience.  Kristi, Indiana

Intuitive Counseling
Spiritual Readings/Guidance

Direction In Life/Spiritual Awakening
Tools For Inner Peace & Fulfillment
Soul Purpose/Spirit Guides
Karmic Relationships
Chakra Balancing & Balancing

These sessions help you understand and develop your connection with God/Spirit. Nirup’s “Inner Knower” process can help you build a bridge from your “inner soul” to your “outer self”, helping you manifest what you want in life, and leading you to inner peace and understanding of your life’s purpose.

Today when I came in for the reading, I did not expect in the time I had, that I could be told something that went straight to the core of my life. I feel I have a clear indication of how to enjoy and experience life to it’s fullest.  J.M., Scottsdale, Arizona

Emotional Healing

Clear Unhealthy Emotions/Releasing Limiting Beliefs/Cutting Cords/Clearing Anxiety/Healthy Communication

Emotions and beliefs are the foundation on which you build your life. They can inspire or they can limit you. By uncovering and clearing these self-limiting blocks, beliefs and patterns, you can create emotional wellness leading to healthy relationships and inner fulfillment.

Nirup saw into my relationship, our patterns that were causing problems, she helped me to understand myself on a deeper level, and to release my self limiting beliefs to to see things much more positively. S.W., Phoenix AZ

Past Life Readings – Regression

Nirup reads any past life that is most relevant to your current life. You can explore past talents, strengths, ways of living that can benefit you in your current life. See connections to others that you have met in your current life, and understand why you are together again.  A past life reading can be use to see, understand and clear, fears and beliefs, that are blocking your progress in living joyously and creating a fulfilled life. A past life reading differs from a past life regression in that, you will be the receiver of the information and not a participant as in a guided hypnosis process.

Through a past life reading I finally understood how profoundly my previous lives and present experiences are linked together. I was able to release an attachment to a relationship that I should have let go of long ago, but couldn’t because of an obligation I had made in a past life to this person.  J. B., Sedona AZ.

Intuitive & Psychic Development Trainings

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Intuition Inner Knower 

Connect to the core of your Intuition and Higher Knowing.  Learn how to use it in everyday life to make decisions of what to get and what to avoid. Learn how to make on the spot quick decisions that are right and aligned for you.  Learn how to use this technique to release old self limiting and defeating beliefs, blocks and old patterns that no longer serve you in your life.

Awakening The Other You 

Personal and Spiritual Development Training, Develop your Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Learn Meditation Techniques, Personal Healing Techniques, about the Chakras, Energy and Psychic Protection, Connecting to Your Spirit Guides and more…

Once learned, this method will supercharge your ability to make on the spot decisions about a huge variety of subjects, from your relationship to your career to your spiritual path. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or have been journeying for a while, Nirup’s offerings will be a powerful addition to your spiritual tool chest. Shaeri Richards, Author of “Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self, Sedona AZ
I have been working with Nirup’s online study course for the past three months, and have been learning so much about myself spiritually.  Her training makes it easy to understand step by step of how to develop my intuition and my psychic abilities. Also I loved the Inner Knower process on how to know at a moments notice what decision is right for me.  Thank you Nirup for creating such an amazing home study course for us to learn at our own pace. I hope to meet you one day in person, in Sedona. Mary, New York