Aura Photography is a glimpse into understanding the part of you that is unseen to the naked eye, to be seen.  Think of it this way, we are conscious aware energy beings to begin with. We have incarnated into a physical body on the earth realm, but we are more than that.

 Aura Photo / Chakra Report $30.00 Appointment Required 928-300-8338

            Available services for a more in-depth experience below.

Sedona Aura Photos Chakra Reports

The Aura filed is our energy body, that is part of our higher conscious self. It is within the body and around our body. With aura photography it can be seen around the body with a special process, using a hand sensor and Krilan Photography technology that registers your energy field. Related to your thoughts, feelings and emotions that are affecting your Aura and Chakra centers in the moment.

  • Receiving a personalized individual Aura Photo and Chakra report will allow you to experience, learn and understand your energy on a deeper level, and validate where your energy is at the present time.
  • You’ll be able to understand your energetic states and well-being, bringing your increased self awareness.
  • In knowing more about your Aura, Chakras and energy system this will assist in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body levels.

Sedona Aura PhotoAura Video Station 7® is an advanced aura photography biofeedback system. This aura biofeedback technology
enables you to understand the workings of the human body
and its psycho-physiological involvement in energy, emotions and physical health.


 What you Will Receive in a Session

Chakra Energy Centers23 page detailed analysis of your aura colors and their meaning.
Two photos of your aura, face and full body.
Explanation of the main aura color: your personality type and characteristics.
Significance of the size and shape of your chakras.
Chakra Balance: indicates your strengths and weaknesses.
Mental, physical, spiritual balance ratios.
Energy Level Graph, which measures your vibrational field in Body/Mind/Spirit.
State of Body/Mind/Spirit Graph which indicated if you are stressed or relaxed.
Reports are available in 16 languages.

Available services for more an in-depth experience

  • Aura Photo/Chakra Report – $30.00 – 23 pages
  • Aura Photo/Chakra Report – $65.00 – 23 page report with additional 15 minute reading
  • Aura Photo/Chakra Report – $95.00 – 23 page report with additional 15 minute reading and Aura Chakra Balancing – Aura Soma Essences
  • Aura Photo/Chakra Report – $125.00 – 23 page report with additional 15 minute reading and 30 minute table session energy healing
  • Aura Photo/Chakra Report – $150.00 – 23 page report 45 minute Chakra Reading  and Balancing with Reiki Energy Healing