The Sedona Vortexes – What is All The Talk About!

Cathedral Red VortexPeople come from all over the world to Sedona, for it’s breath-taking beauty, the Red Rock formations, relaxation, spiritual healing, and visiting the Vortex sites. It fills the senses and nurtures the Soul. You can’t help feel closer to God when in Sedona.

What makes these Vortex sites special other than their beauty of the red rocks? Within the layers of rock are quartz crystal, this quartz crystal helps to amplify the energies, creating a strong spiral of energy that spreads out from the rocks. These spirals of energies are known as vortexes. Examples you may have witnessed in everyday life, may be watching the water go down a drain in a bathtub or toilet, a whirlpool in a river or ocean, a tornado or a dust devil, this is where the wind picks up a lot of dust at high speeds and whips it into a spiraling vortex of energy.  These you can see throughout the desert.

In Sedona these energy vortexes are created by the quartz crystal formations within the rocks, and some of the energies are known to be magnetic, electro-magnetic in nature, which can affect our own internal energy field within us in different ways. Many people can feel this energy on some level within themselves, whether it is simple on a physical level, of increased energy and aliveness, increased mental clarity or understanding of things may come to them that was not there before. Such as new directions to take in life, solutions to problems, or new creative endeavors. The energies can affect us on an emotional or spiritual level of feeling the presence of God/Source or having spiritual experiences. Many people can feel the release of old emotions and sufferings that have been carried for a long time, only to replace them with new awareness and understanding of things, that allows them to begin anew. Some people have reported seeing spiritual energies of light, orbs, or figures of light, these can even been seen in many of photographs that people have taken.

Because of the beauty here in Sedona many more thousands of people come, simply to enjoy the nature, the hiking, good weather, and getting away from the business of everyday life.  Whatever you come to Sedona for you will surely leave with something to remember.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Tour Ladies

It has been said “Sedona calls you!” for one reason or another. Being out in the red rocks is a way to commune with nature, let go of stress, worries and concerns and get some great physical exercise if you choose to, or find a quiet place to sit and contemplate.

So if you have ever felt stressed out, confused, or in need of clarity and direction, or just need time to relax and rejuvenate, it’s time to get back to nature, discover the beauty that’s surrounding you and is within you… all while visiting Sedona’s most sacred sites!  Visit