List of Metaphysical Descriptions

Many people who visit my website are new to having a psychic or spiritual reading and are not familiar with these metaphysical terms.  I have created a list of regularly used terms in the  and spiritual world so you can have a greater understanding.

Breathwork: A process of using a connected breath technique, along with evocative music, to access the deeper levels of mind for healing and understanding our soul’s purpose.

Clairvoyant Reading: The psychic sense of seeing images and impressions into your energy and life around you, sometimes the future.

Chakra Reading and Balancing: Chakras are energy centers in the body, that are non-physical in nature. They are affected by our thoughts, feelings, outside influences and environment. Having a balancing session helps to align the chakras and to make us feel better. A reading is done to let you know which of your chakras are not in alignment and how to correct them.

Channeler/Channelling: Psychically receiving information from higher sources, guides, and higher beings, and Akashic Records.

Crystal Healing: Using crystals, gemstones to heal, and clear spaces, or use as activators to increase and balance your energies.

Dream Analysis: Study of your dreams, to understand on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level what is happening in your life.

Energy/Body Work: Using Universal Life Force energy to help heal and balance the body. Hands on or off the body.

Guided Imagery: A guided relaxation process to help you create calming and mental images, to de-stress, clear away blocks, thoughts, patterns, or to manifest new things in life.

Hypnotherapy: Guided process for healing, relaxation, past life regression and manifesting new things in your life.

Intuitive Reading: Reader uses intuition to pick up energetic patterns off of the client, possible future scenarios of where the client is at in their life.

Life Path Reading: Looking into your ‘soul’s essence or higher self’ regarding giving information about life’s purpose and direction along with some lessons and challenges you may experience.

Past Life Regression: Guided light relaxation process or deeper hypnosis to experience past lives that we have lived before.

Psychic Awareness: Using your intuitive and psychic awareness to sense or see things around you in daily life and beyond, to help you know what to get and what to avoid.

Psychic Reading: Using higher sense perception on a psychic level, to sense and see into your energy and life around you and possibly future.

Reiki Healing: A type of energy healing session, placement of hands, on or off the body using Universal Life Force energy, to balance and heal.

Qi Gong Healing: Using acupressure points on the body to balance and bring our body in alignment and wellness.

Spirit Guide and Angel Reading: Connecting in with your spirit guides and angles, that are here to help you, for messages and support.

Spiritual Growth: Taking steps in your life to help yourself grow, in a spiritual way and to make a stronger connection to God/Source.

Spiritual Tours: On the land tours with a healing spiritual perspective.

Soul Reading: Understanding who you are on a soul level and possibly why you are here and what are some of your lessons and challenges and what you are here to share with the world.

Tarot Reading: Using a deck of special cards to give an intuitive or psychic reading, there are many variations of cards.

Vibrational Healing: Energy transfer of healing energy to client.