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My office practices safe distancing between myself and clients. Disinfection of surfaces, hand sanitization for both myself and clients, wearing a mask is required. There is a six to seven feet distancing and a 4 x 6 plexiglass between my clients and myself for extra protection. I self-screen for any negative health symptoms before coming to work. I ask that potential clients not to make an appointment or come to my office if they have any signs or symptoms of a cold, flu or Covid-19 symptoms. It is important that we keep our business contacts, friends, family and community safe.

I wanted to share with you some ways for you to stay healthy and do some wonderful processes for inner peace and physical wellness, as well as some fun things for the kids to do.

1)Qi Gong Healing Exercise-Inner Smile Process

Many of my clients have heard me talk about Qi Gong and how powerful it is in the healing of our energy body, physical body and inner state of mind. 

Lee Holden Qi Gong – Inner Smile Meditation
This guided process is wonderful to find our inner peace and stillness with you. Try it you may love it.  

Lee Holden Qi Gong Movement Process for healing the physical body and strengthening our immune systems. and

2)Videos on making hand sanitizer and countertop spray. 

Hand Sanitizer
Countertop cleaning spray
Traci Dalrymple-Kokohan website

I have been working with Traci’s products for 3 years, she has a very good product line, she makes them by hand herself.  Check out how to make your own products.

You can also watch the videos and go to Amazon or another online store to purchase essences and some of the other products.

3)Fun things you can do at home for yourself or  
    with your family.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden 
Take a walk through the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and enjoy the tropical flowers and plans on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Philly Zoo
Get an insider’s look at the Zoo during Philly Zoo at 2 Facebook Live series and virtually meet and interact with our amazing animals and dedicated staff every weekday at 2:00 p.m.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Visit to watch the Zoo’s giant pandas, elephants, lions and more!

National Aquarium
Check out the Nation Aquarium’s exhibit livestreams. Families can still experience the Aquarium from home!
Blacktip Reef Sharks | Blue Blubber Jellies Pacific Coral Reef

San Diego Zoo
Let the zoo come to you! Check out live video streams featuring pandas, koalas, elephants, tigers and other animals for your at home entertainment.

Stay on the Move:

Family Friendly Disney-Inspired Workouts
We’re all about getting our kids together for some Disney-fueled fun. Disney’s exciting series Get Moving With Disney Family features creative Disney workouts and is the perfect way to break a sweat without leaving the comfort of your own home!
Get the workouts.

Audible Stories 
Releasing hundreds of books for children and teens to listen to for free via or app.

Printable worksheets for kids.

Many Blessings, Nirup and Premala