Relationship Forecast for

Mary Johnson and John Barkley

February 7, 2006 – March 7, 2006

The following astrological interpretations are based on the assumption that the two people involved have a close ongoing relationship. As long as the people involved are a couple, transits to the composite chart
will be an influence. The closer the bond, the more the influences will be felt and perceived. Thus the interpretations will make the most sense if this is the primary relationship for both people.

Tropical/Placidus Composite (Asc Midpoint) 
Chart 1: Mary Johnson NATAL CHART Chart 2: John Barkley NATAL CHART
Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:

Sun=28AQ20 Moon=13LI35 Merc=29AQ30 Ven= 5AQ54 Mars=25AR23
Jup=13VI43 Sat=12AQ25 Ura= 1VI09 Nep=14SC11 Plu=10VI33
Asc=26LI56 MC= 5LE23


Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC

Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu

Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Jan 15, 2006 (Dec 18, 2005 to Feb 20, 2006) Plu Trine Mars


You are a very powerful and effective team during this period, and you
can accomplish a tremendous amount. You help one another to focus and
to achieve, and you could take on some monumental task together. You
energize and kindle passion – of every kind – in one another right now.

Feb 6, 2006 12 PM(Feb 6, 2006 to Feb 7, 2006) Merc Sxtil Mars


This is a good time to plan a joint work project, or to do something
together that requires both brain and muscle. You are an effective team
right now.

Feb 7, 2006 8 AM(Feb 6, 2006 to Feb 8, 2006) Merc Trine Asc


Communication flows easily. Any negotiations or joint business dealings
you are involved in also proceed well. Pay attention! You will be
getting some pertinent information from or about one another right now.

Feb 8, 2006 3 AM(Feb 8, 2006 to Feb 9, 2006) Merc Conj Sun


Your energies meet on a mental or intellectual level at this time.
Communication between you is clear and open. You can learn a lot about
what this relationship is all about, as well as how the other person
sees and experiences you. If one of you is usually more articulate and
verbal than the other, that person is likely to take the lead today.

Feb 8, 2006 7 PM(Feb 8, 2006 to Feb 9, 2006) Merc Conj Merc


This is an excellent time to connect with one another. You come
together over common interests and ideas. Clear verbal communication is
favored, and this is a fine time to take a short trip also.

Feb 9, 2006 5 PM(Feb 9, 2006 to Feb 10, 2006) Merc Oppos Ura

There is a kind of electric, high-speed, erratic energy in the
atmosphere between you. You may suddenly know what the other person is
about to say – and interject something before they have a chance to say
it. Avoid interrupting one another or jumping to conclusions too

Feb 11, 2006 3 PM(Feb 9, 2006 to Feb 13, 2006) Mars Qucnx Asc


Together you are somewhat accident-prone right now, especially when
speeding, rushing, or being irritable. No direct outlet for your
tensions may exist; avoid blaming one another. Being indirect about
what you want can contribute to tensions between the two of you.

Feb 12, 2006 2 AM(Feb 12, 2006 to Feb 13, 2006) Merc Qucnx MC


You may notice that there is altogether too much thinking going on now.
Trying to second guess one another or figure things out, the two of you
may be just spinning your wheels. Be discreet now, as there is a
tendency to say too much or tell something to the wrong person, which
can adversely affect the two of you as a couple.

Feb 14, 2006 6 AM(Feb 14, 2006 to Feb 15, 2006) Sun Sxtil Mars


You can accomplish a lot together right now. Hard work or strenuous
physical play is favored. Being together puts both of you in a
self-assertive mood, but not so much that you run over each other’s
desires or feelings. Actually you will be a strong force together at
this time.

Feb 14, 2006 1 PM(Feb 12, 2006 to Feb 16, 2006) Mars Sqr Sun


Impatience, irritability and anger flare up between you quite readily
now. If one of you makes the other wait or insists upon doing something
the other really does not want to do, expect trouble. Even if you
usually go along just to please your partner, now, you will protest. If
your relationship is tempestuous even in the best of times, you could
battle ferociously now.

Feb 15, 2006 1 AM(Feb 14, 2006 to Feb 16, 2006) Merc Oppos Plu


Your communication with one another is intense and penetrates right to
the heart of matters. One of you may confront the other with something
which was previously swept under the rug, or you may unintentionally
bring up a topic that reopens an old wound for the other person.
Passionate opinions and convictions are expressed; beware of running
over each other’s right to hold a different point of view. If you go
overboard in defending some position, try to make amends quickly.

Feb 15, 2006 6 PM(Feb 14, 2006 to Feb 16, 2006) Sun Trine Asc


This is a “green light” period for the two of you, and together you can
do just about anything you want. You vitalize one another’s playful and
spirited qualities. You may feel like showing off a bit, as a twosome.

Feb 16, 2006 9 PM(Feb 16, 2006 to Feb 17, 2006) Merc Qucnx Moon


There is a rather edgy, restless quality between you now. It would be
wise to watch what you say to or about one another, also, because you
may reveal something too private or betray a confidence.

Feb 16, 2006 10 PM(Feb 14, 2006 to Feb 18, 2006) Mars Sqr Merc

Arguments and disputes break out rather quickly now. You may feel you
must either bite your tongue or lash out verbally. Be careful, though,
because sharp words now could leave scars.

Feb 16, 2006 11 PM(Feb 16, 2006 to Feb 17, 2006) Merc Oppos Jup


Conversations about your personal philosophies and understanding about
life, your religious beliefs, and attitudes, or your personal dreams
and aspirations for the future come up now. This is also a favorable
time to travel or plan a vacation together.

Feb 17, 2006 4 AM(Feb 16, 2006 to Feb 18, 2006) Sun Conj Sun
This is an important day to be together and to affirm, strengthen, and
celebrate your relationship. The way you are together now can tell you
a lot about your shared purpose and the essential reasons the two of
you came together in the first place. If things have not been going so
well between you, this is also a time when matters can be opened up and

Feb 17, 2006 6 AM(Feb 16, 2006 to Feb 18, 2006) Merc Trine Nep
A shared flight of imagination brings pleasure: you could write a song
together, discuss your latest psychic experiences, visit a tarot card
reader, plan an exotic vacation, talk about your dreams. Spiritual
topics or otherworldly tales fascinate you now. You may want to see a
film that interests the idealistic, believing, hopeful sides of you.

Feb 18, 2006 7 AM(Feb 18, 2006 to Feb 19, 2006) Sun Conj Merc
Discussion, exchanging ideas and information, and negotiations are all
favored now. You may talk things over or consult with one another more
than usual. This is also a fine time to make a significant purchase or
to go on a short trip together.

Feb 19, 2006 11 PM(Feb 18, 2006 to Feb 20, 2006) Sun Oppos Ura


Restlessness, impatience, sudden changes of plans, or an unexpected
event colors your relationship now. You are likely to throw caution to
the wind and act impulsively together. If one or both of you is
innately very cautious, it may be uncomfortable for you to be in one
another’s presence now.

Feb 20, 2006 6 AM(Feb 18, 2006 to Feb 22, 2006) Mars Sqr Ura


A spirit of recklessness, wild adventurousness, even dare-devilishness
comes over the two of you. One or both of you experiences a sudden
impulse to do something totally different or to make some radical
change. Give each other plenty of space and breathing room right now.
You will operate best in an atmosphere of total freedom at the moment.

Feb 22, 2006 (Feb 8, 2006 to Mar 12, 2006) Sat Oppos Ven
This may well be a make it or break it time in your relationship, or a
period of crisis in which either of you is reevaluating the merits of
your bond. Some separation, even if temporary, is likely. There may be
an overall sense of distance or disappointment as you recognize the
barriers to love and intimacy that exist between you. If these barriers
are recognized and approached, the two of you may be able to endure
this period and come out closer than ever. Nevertheless, a cooling off,
withdrawing, or even severing of ties is a strong possibility. If the
purpose of your relationship has been fulfilled, this is an ending

Feb 24, 2006 3 AM(Feb 24, 2006 to Feb 25, 2006) Sun Qucnx MC
This could be a tense or awkward time if one of you wants to know where
your relationship is headed and the other is unable to be definite.
Even if you are in a very solid relationship with one another, you are
still apt to be out of step with one another now. You may just be
focusing on different things at the moment.

Feb 27, 2006 4 AM(Feb 25, 2006 to Feb 28, 2006) Ven Sqr Mars

Tensions in the sexual aspect of your relationship – perhaps due to
differing interests, desires, preferences, or love styles – can cause
some friction now. Most likely one of you is more ready than the other.
Trying to balance the satisfaction of your own desires versus pleasing
your partner is at issue here.

Feb 28, 2006 1 PM(Feb 26, 2006 to Mar 2, 2006) Mars Sxtil MC


You work together efficiently and harmoniously right now, and you could
get something significant accomplished in a joint project or goal. You
strike a good balance between independence and togetherness, and help
one another to succeed in your individual endeavors as well as in
combined efforts.

Mar 1, 2006 7 AM(Feb 28, 2006 to Mar 2, 2006) Sun Oppos Plu
There is a definite element of unavoidable fate or of having to finally
deal with something the two of you may have ignored up until now. On a
practical level, material objects or machinery may break down, need
repair, or have to be thrown out. Psychologically, “stuff” that has not
been dealt with between you emerges in some manner. There may be an
intense encounter between the two of you, or between the both of you
and someone or something in your environment.

Mar 1, 2006 8 AM(Feb 27, 2006 to Mar 2, 2006) Ven Sqr Asc
The urge to please and cooperate, as well as genuine affection for one
another, make this a harmonious time for the two of you. You charm one
another and simply enjoy one another’s company at the moment.

Mar 1, 2006 1 PM(Feb 27, 2006 to Mar 3, 2006) Mars Trine Ven
A wonderful time for love and romance! The spirit of Eros is alive and
flowing between you. You will be feeling very warm, sexy, loving and
affectionate toward one another. Creative projects are favored also.

Mar 2, 2006 12 PM(Feb 27, 2006 to Mar 6, 2006) merc qucnx asc
There is a tendency to say too much, run on about nothing, or say the
wrong thing. While not a catastrophe, be gracious and apologize for
your faux pas. You tend to get on one another’s nerves a bit.

Mar 2, 2006 (Feb 15, 2006 to Apr 4, 2006) Sat Conj MC


Increased sense of pressure, a strong awareness of time passing, and
aging, or the need to make crucial decisions or changes, color this
time period for the two of you. It may be hard to be light in spirit or
to keep your sense of humor. One or both of you may have professional
concerns (either a failure or a fulfillment that leads to increased
responsibilities) that strongly affects your relationship.

Mar 4, 2006 8 AM(Mar 4, 2006 to Mar 5, 2006) Sun Qucnx Moon


Work, your individual goals and involvements, or a desire for some
private time away from one another may be at odds with nurturing the
relationship. One of you may feel shortchanged. Unless this is a
persistent problem, it is best to just grin and bear it.

Mar 4, 2006 11 AM(Mar 4, 2006 to Mar 5, 2006) Sun Oppos Jup
This is a positive time for the two of you, when people and outer
circumstances seem to be on your side. Whatever comes your way now will
give your relationship a boost. Together, the two of you are hopeful
and forward-looking and it is an excellent time to make plans for your
future. Travel is favored also.

Mar 4, 2006 10 PM(Mar 4, 2006 to Mar 5, 2006) Sun Trine Nep
You are very open and physically sensitive to one another at the
moment, and can experience unusual extrasensory perception, or
telepathy with one another. You are in a dreamy, imaginative space
together. Perhaps you can take a long walk on the beach and tell one
another your dreams.

Mar 6, 2006 7 PM(Mar 5, 2006 to Mar 8, 2006) Ven Qucnx Ura
Expect minor disruptions, a sudden change of heart about something you
both wanted previously, an overture that comes at the wrong time.
Though relatively trivial, these things can make for some unsettled
moments between you.

Mar 30, 2006 (Feb 1, 2006 to May 27, 2006) plu sxtil asc
When the two of you are together during this period you will encounter
more than your share of mysterious and unexplainable things. Secrets
are revealed, something lost or hidden re-emerges, and your
relationship deepens through there encounters and revelations.