Tropical-BeachIt was only about a month after I had left Canada, I was in Fuji, and I was staying at a hostel on Vita Levu, this is the main island in Fuji.

I had met some people from Europe and we decided to travel to one of the smaller outer islands. We took a small aluminum boat over to the island, and stayed for a week on the island with two families that owned the guest house, there was no one else living on the island but these two families and those that came to visit.

At the end of our stay, I went down to the beach to meet the boat, that would take us back across the water to the larger island. While waiting for the boat I heard that small inner voice once again, and it said “stay behind – don’t go”.

I wondered why this message came to me, and should I listen to it and stay behind, was it the right thing to do, my rational mind was giving me reasons why I should not stay, such as I had no food or water left and no way of knowing when I might get back to the main island. I continued to wait a while longer for the others to come down to the beach and for the boat driver, others began arriving and I too put my backpack in the boat, and once again I heard my inner voice say “stay behind – don’t go.

This time I had this over whelming feeling to listen to it, to trust what was being said, so I took my backpack out of the boat, said goodbye to my friends, sat on the beach and watched them go off across the water, wondering what I was to do. I decided to just relax and enjoy the sun, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore, relaxing into the unknown. After about an hour I looked out over the water, and noticed a yacht had come into the Bay, and from there a saw a small red dingy with a man and women coming towards the shore. They pulled up on shore close to where I was and came over to me. We started talking and told me there were looking for crew to sail in the South Pacific Regatta and would I be a part of their crew in a sailing race. This was a race that sailed from New Zealand through the South Pacific Islands of Fuji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and onto Australia.

For a moment I felt excitement but then I felt uncertainty as to whether this was the best choice for me, as I tend to get sea sick, and was not familiar with sailing, but had owned a motor boat and had been on the ocean many times in Canada.

We talked some more, about the race, and that before the race would start we would be spending a couple of weeks sailing around the Fujian Islands, and they would teach me everything I needed to know. Bob said they would be back in 30 minutes to see what my answer was, and off they went down the beach.

sailboatMy intuitive part of me overrode the rational part of my mind and in the end I said yes, and we set out on a wonderful journey. I still remember when we arrived on board the 56 foot Schooner, Bob’s words “Time to start sailing you can begin now, take the helm and get us out of here and don’t hit the reef, watch the color of water, the darker it is, the closer to the reef, you will do fine”. I was excited and nervous at the same time, and thought to myself wow this person has so much trust in me, which gave me more encouragement and strength that I could do it. We sailed for three months to amazing places and meeting wonderful people and I learned to sail by the stars. I can still go back to that time in my mind and remember the feelings of what it was to live fully and present in the moment, enjoying the calm and total peace to the rough water and storms we encountered.

This adventure of sailing helped to change the course of my life.

Along this world journey I made several changes of where I was to travel. One of them being the most profound, and that was while in Bali, I was on my way to the airport to change my flight date from Singapore to Greece, when I met a women on a bus, we became friends, and over the next few days we talked about India and by the end of the week I found myself in India, where I entered into a Spiritual commune. I spent several years there, off and on, and this changed the course of my life’s path.

I look back at those times and wonder what was it inside me that gave me that information, the knowingness and the courage to take the steps ahead, that this was the path for me. It came from a deeper inner place inside of me, my Inner Knower. I came to the awareness that there is a deeper part of us that is our higher consciousness, our soul self that is directly connected to God and the Universe, and that this part of us is there to guide us and show us the way, for our life’s lessons and experiences we need to take.

This knowing of what I needed to do for my next steps came from this deeper inner place inside of me, perhaps the seeds had been planted even before I came into this world, this is part of following our life’s destiny. I believe at certain times and stages in our life we will be shown or told to move me in a new direction for our life’s lessons and experiences. When I received my message to travel, because this was my inner truth that was right for me, it resonated strongly that it was something that won out the parts of the Ego, for me there was a knowing there was no other option ahead but this one.

I recalled at the age of 13 saying one day I would go to India. This was just a passing thought I had, so I thought. Until the day I received the message to travel around the world. This interest in India was partly to do to reading books on India and other places around the world, I thought it all so interesting and exciting to see that there were other places and people who lived a totally different life that I did.

I believe this was all part of my karmic path and life’s destiny.

Ever since my travels I have trusted my Intuition and Inner Knower, and know that we are all part of a greater whole, and are being divinely guided in many ways along our life’s path of what to get and what to avoid.

Once we begin to listen to our Intuition and trust it, more and more it will be available to us, to guide us along our path.

Why do people come to me?

In the past 22 years, as a psychic and intuitive spiritual counselor many people come to me and want to know their life’s path, the direction they should take. Asking the questions, are they on the right path, what are their life’s lessons, what is their purpose in life, what are they here to share and contribute with others and the world. What career path is right for them, is the relationship they are in right for them. Should they stay in their relationship. How can they get in touch with their guides, angels, and intuition. These are all very important questions, and ones that can be answered not only by a psychic, intuitive spiritual counselor but also by your own intuition and Inner Knower, and higher senses.