by Sage

I have found through my own spiritual journey that there are so many illusions we have picked up through all the experiences we encounter. I came to realize that so much are just other people’s perceptions, who may not be very expanded in their awareness; so I need not believe them as truth! The trick is to be able to decipher what is truth and what is illusion. Throughout many years of self discovery, I have gathered many simple, yet effective techniques & practices that continually support me in my life. As a spiritual counselor and psychic reader I love sharing them with others! The benefits are plentiful. Especially when you find that even in challenging times you sense things from an expanded perception, giving you strength and understanding.

Most of us have been led to believe that change represents instability and believing in ourselves and loving ourselves is egotistical. I believe the opposite is true! Change invites the opportunity for immense growth. Loving and believing in ourselves builds personal strength and silent power. With a simple shift in perception these recognitions reduce unwanted stress we put upon ourselves, and brings us a sense of relief. We can then let go of being serious and so hard on ourselves, by simply allowing our true essence to shine forth and guide us along our way. The end result … peace of mind, clarity, strength and FREEDOM!

How do we accomplish this? It is about waking up and becoming more fully aware. Through a spiritual counseling session we can be supported in opening to new levels of awareness. Firstly, we need to recognize that what we truly are is energy. Our body is like a computer, storing information and experiences in it’s circuits. Therefore, all of the experiences we have encountered in our lives are stored; the pleasant ones and the not so pleasant ones. In order to function with clarity, we need to know we can clear what is held in our circuits that no longer serves us; the old stuff that has no use to us. When we keep it, it truly clogs up our lines! It is necessary to release all energy and thought forms that do not serve us. It is like clearing messages and programs on our computers; emptying the trash!

Old programs and blocks we carry in our energy patterns and circuits holds us from being in clear communication with our intuition. This is our ego/personality. The ego is the mind/intellect, it is the mechanical part of ourselves that holds onto these patterns and tries to reason, control and think things out. Intuition is the sixth sense. It is invisible; however, to me it is the most important sense of all! As a spiritual counselor I teach people that intuition is the voice of the spirit within!

When we begin to clear old programs and blocks we carry, releasing them, this lightens us up in many ways. We feel lighter, as if a load has been taken off our shoulders. We feel relief in our minds. We sense our inner light shining brighter! This is the true essence self being able to be recognized.

Releasing and letting go is much simpler than we think! When we allow ourselves to do so, we are surrendering to the perfection of NOW. In this place, we may then recognize that we are not trying to control our lives. We are allowing ourselves to be guided by spirit, our own spirit. The more we have the courage to let go and trust, we then know that whatever we are experiencing is what we are meant to know. Your perception alters from classifying experiences as good and bad, right or wrong, to knowing they are serving us in our growth.

As we clear our circuits we are then in a position where we can align ourselves with truth. As we become more trusting, it becomes easier and more familiar. We then realize we feel more confident in making choices for ourselves; knowing we are the only ones that know exactly what is right for us. As we continually clear and align, we become much more confident, sensing a true power from within. We are able to take in information and sense if it resonates. It is like having fine-tuning with a clear line; a highly tuned antenna!

There are many easy ways we can clear ourselves, strengthening our connection to the source. We then may understand why we have experienced what we have. By doing so, we open to a new aspect of ourselves, a spiritual connection, that of intuitive awareness & psychic abilities.

As a spiritual counselor, I offer a variety of simple practices you can do that assists you in to move through and clear energy that no longer serves you, supporting you in this new place of being. I assist you to recognize who you truly are and the practices help you sustain that connection.

By consistently applying these simple practices to your life, they soon become familiar to you. By doing so, you have a greater sense of belonging, a sense of fulfillment and a sense of knowing beyond this realm. You gain self confidence, self acceptance and self love. You know you are connected to a divine energy source we call God or Life Force. You know you are beautiful and worthy and have many unique gifts and talents to share. Receiving messages, guidance and direction from within will happen on a regular basis.

You become your own psychic! You come to know you are sharing your gifts to contribute to this planet, not just to satisfy yourself. All relationships and perceptions in your life take on a greater meaning, with a more spiritual outlook. You begin to understand and recognize the patterns of your own majestic tapestry.

Revealing our true essence self is our gift, our contribution. This beauty of us is truth; all else is illusion. Those blocks we gathered along our way actually assisted us in revealing our essences.

NOW is the time to let them go and clear our slates; letting our true selves show up with passion! Have courage to do so now! The rewards for doing so are many … Blessings, Sage

Through me spiritual counseling session with Sage, she truly made me see how much I was trying to control my life, to please everyone else but me! She made me see that there is no place for guilt, and that it is ok to be me, without needing outside confirmation. I can’t believe how strong I feel now! And the things other people had said to me no longer bother me; in fact they gave me the fuel to continue to be speak my truth even more! — Lynne (Canada)

Sage has been providing support for the past 25 years to people in a variety of ways, such as spiritual counseling, psychic readings and channelings. She has been interviewed on TV & radio. Sage lectures at various Health Expos and other events Sage is available for online chat and phone psychic readings, spiritual counseling, or you can book a channeled writing with Accurate Online Psychics. You can also visit Sage in person in Victoria, B.C., Canada.