Intuitive Psychic Development Training

Sedona Sacred Light


Awakening Your Psychic & Intuitive Healing Skills – Level 1

in Sedona Arizona

Awaken To Your Inner Psychic

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Join us in our comprehensive weekend seminar that will transform your life! You will be given amazing techniques to open, use and trust your psychic and intuitive healing abilities. Release negative feelings and open the doorways to your intuition. Journey to your Soul and remember its Divine purpose. Develop your ability to channel your higher self, guardian angels, power animals and guides. Learn how to read the layers of the aura and the physical body in a safe environment and allow your own 6th sense to express itself. Experience what it is like to be a sixth dimension being in a third dimensional body. You are the Creator inside your physical body. It is time for you to create a magical, mystical, intuitive life.
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Come early or stay longer and enjoy Sedona’s magical energy of the red rocks and Sedona’s vortex energies, treat yourself to a Reiki healing session, a private psychic reading, spiritual counseling, or soul reading.

Awakening your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities –

Level 1 Psychic Training Seminar – Learn to:

chakra reading and balancing* Unveil your third eye.

* Develop your energy hand awareness.

* Open, read and understand the chakras and aura field.

* Learn to do psychic readings.

* Receive your inner guidance using intuitive divination skills.

* Deepen your meditation skills.

* Find your place of silence within your body.

* Heal your emotional body.

* Experience a reunion with your Soul.

* Meet your guides.

* Develop your intuitive skills.

* Turn fear into passion.

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Psychic Nirup Psychic Development Training in Sedona


Nirup Barnum – Psychic Reader ,Spiritual Counseling, Soul Reunion, Teacher
Past Life Regression,
Transformational Therapist.

Nirup – an internationally known psychic, for 20 years has been bringing guidance and clarity to clients from all over the world.Trained in India for 7 years, she offers Intuitive Psychic Readings, Soul Path Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Healing, Transformation Healing, Past Life Regression.Contact Nirup – Sessions by phone, email and in person psychic readings in Sedona AZ, USA 928-203-0749

Location: Event Location: Sedona AZ, Training programs are held in Sedona at public and private locations depending on seminar dates, and can be given at your request. Locations and Directions for private locations are given with your enrollment confirmation letter.

Hotel Accommodations:  Hotel accommodations can be included in the price of the training programs depending on the seminars and location. For more information on accommodations contact us for recommendations, to find the right place that fits your needs.Sedona AZ.

Upon your registration you will receive an email confirmation. Within one week you receive an enrollment email, with confirmation of payment, and location and directions of Seminar. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS:  All requests for refunds must be made in writing. A refund check minus a $150.00 processing fee will be issued for all cancellation requests
30 days before seminar starts. All requests for cancellation, made in writing, within two weeks of the seminar will be given a 50% refund or be allowed to transfer the fees to an upcoming seminar. No refunds will be issued after the seminar starts.

RECORDING: No unsolicited audio or video recording may be made during the seminar.

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