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Nirup Barnum says as a child growing up in Canada, she was sensitive to energies and felt the presence of spirits, but it wasn’t until she was in her mid-20s that her psychic and clairvoyant abilities began to develop. She traveled around the world and studied in India at the Osho School of Mysticism for seven years. She founded a psychic, meditation and healing center in Canada before moving to Sedona in 1999. At her cheerful office in West Sedona, Nirup conducts psychic readings in person, over the phone and via email using tarot cards, spirit guides, past-life regression and aura and chakra balancing. Nirup is also a medium, so she will even communicate with a client’s loved one who has died.

“Reading is a generalized term,” she says. “Basically, I bring info to a person that gives them guidance in life. We all have intuitive and psychic abilities — it’s part of our soul and part of who we are. I also train people to get in touch with that ability not necessarily to become a psychic but to manage their own life and get in touch with their inner knowing.”

Nirup records her sessions, which average about an hour, and sends the recording to the client. All sessions are confidential and clients include everyone from government figures and Hollywood elite to Sedona residents and tourists. She says many clients find the first reading transformational; others come back for multiple sessions. But Nirup cautions that she’s not drawing out a blueprint for how to live your life — nor should any other psychics.

“No matter what a psychic tells you, you have the final decision with what to do with that info,” she says. “Your truth comes from your inner core, not from your psychic. And remember that no matter what a psychic tells you, no one can make another person act a certain way. They can’t make your boyfriend come back to you. Also be weary of a psychic who tells you that you have dark energy that needs to be removed and then offers to remove it for an [exorbitant] fee.”

So what’s it all about?

With her curly blond mane and welcoming smile, Nirup is friendly and calm. She made me feel at ease. This was my first reading, so I opted for a general session. Nirup encourages clients to have specific questions or areas of focus. In my session, she looked into my energy field and used tarot cards to answer my concerns and examine my “soul path.” She gave me tips on listening to my inner truth, which made me feel like the answers to my questions were coming from within rather than from an outside source. While Nirup recommends clients nurture themselves and take time to regroup after deeper sessions (such as past-life regression), I left feeling energized and very positive about the future.

Nirup’s thoughts on Dec. 21, 2012: “I’ve never looked at it. I’m about right here, right now — I read more close to home. I think we are in a time that’s about awakening ourselves, bringing light to ourselves and moving in the right direction.”

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Article from Sedona Monthly Magazine – 12/2012 Issue

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