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Sedona has been known to many as a place of healing, this is due to the energies that exist here in Sedona. Some say that what ever is going on in one’s life on a mental, emotional level, will be intensified here is Sedona. If you need physical healing that can happen as well. This is due to the red rocks, some are known as vortexes, they have a high level of electromagnetic and magnetic energies that can affect us on all levels; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Many healers have been drawn here to live and work, and others come here to visit specifically to receive healing and to spend time in the red rocks rejuvenating.

While in Sedona treat yourself to a healing session. With Nirup’s healing energy, compassion, and insight into your body/mind/emotions she can help you to have an experience of true healing. Whether you are booking a session in Spiritual Counseling, Past Life Regression, Aura/Chakra Healing and Balancing or booking a session with one of the healers that work with Nirup in Reiki, Hot Stones Therapy, Swedish Massage, or Aromatherapy Massage.

We also off Medical Intuitive & Psychic Development Training here in Sedona AZ.
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Reiki & Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing: $95.00 Р1 hour  (Regular $120.00)

This wonderful session is uniquely created by Premala to balance the physical body and energy system to release stress, worry, tensions, allowing you to come back to your true self. Premala has the gift for tuning into the body and knowing where energy is trapped and not moving freely.

Through Reiki and the laying on of crystals on your body, blocks in your energy are released. It is only when energy moves freely that we can truly experience the joy of being alive.

You can relax and go deeper and deeper into the essence of who you are. By moving into your heart, your intuition, into your own inner wisdom and into your body, you move to the core of who you are. Coming home to your inner being. It has the potential for being a life-changing experience. Clients share with us how their Reiki & Crystal healing session changed their lives because it helped them get in touch with their trust and joy for life again.

For information and to book sessions call Nirup at 928-300-8338.


Feeling stressed is not just a result of working long hours. Whenever we hold back our feelings and don’t dare express and then judge ourselves, tension gets built up in the body and toxins accumulate.

Emotions want to move freely. This free movement gives us a sense of well being and empowerment. Having a healing massage with Joy or Cynthia can alleviate this stress and toxins in the body, letting go of holding tensions in the muscles, allows us to feel feel rejuvenated, and gives us energy to start new things, have more love to share, and more patients for ourselves and those around us. Call us now to book a wonderful healing massage.


Joy and Cynthia are committed to providing a sacred, safe space allowing healing, growth, and wholeness to occur through bodywork and energetics.The unique combination of services offered, provides a satisfying experience for your body, mind, and spirit. In an environment that is nurturing, safe, and private, you have the opportunity to rebalance, renew and refocus. Joy and Cynthia bring respectfulness and individualized attention to every session to provide you with an uplifting and healing experience.


Cynthia, MS, LMT, NCTMB

From your very first contact until the closing of your session, you will be speaking and working with either Cynthia or Joy. All of the oils and products they use are of the highest vibration and quality organic (if available), even their linens are washed in the purest hypo-allergenic laundry detergent.

They strive to provide absolutely the best bodywork available anywhere and offer it to you at a fair and reasonable price. Explore beyond the conventional Sedona spa treatments and experience true depth and connection through their massage and energy work. Personalized Gift Certificates are available 10 % discount for all locals

Mention this website Psychic Nirup and receive a FREE Flower Essence when receiving your session.You can choose from a number of flower essences: Chakra Alignment, Archangel, Strength. Connection to Guides, Soul Link, Prayer.


Having an aromatherapy massage with Joy was absolutely the best message ever, not only the massage but the wonderful, nurturing environment she has created, is easy to let go and relax in. Thank you Joy for your healing abilities. L.B, Arizona


Love and abundant light,

928 203 0749