As spiritual beings we need to remember that what we send out into the universe is what comes back to us and so if we are focused on lack, then lack is what we manifest. If we are constantly thinking  positive thoughts about everything that is going on around us, this is what we will create…it’s your choice.

Try practicing the following exercise.  It only takes a few moments and it can dramatically change your life.

Prosperity Manifestation Bubble Meditation

Finding a quiet place to relax sitting or laying down, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and gently and slowly inhale a deep breath, down into your lower belly area, now exhaling slowly and deeply. Continue this slow breathing into your lower belly, letting go of any tensions in your body – relaxing and letting go. Feel yourself cleansing and energizing with each breath.
Gradually allow an image of yourself to emerge from within your mind.  See yourself in a large bubble.  Feel the bubble forming itself all around you right where you are…let your senses and imagination create this sensation for you, as you continue to breath slowly and deeply.

Now, notice how you feel sitting in this great circle….of energy.  How are you sitting, what do you look like? Notice as much as you can.  Allow this bubble to become filled with a warm and powerful gold light.  This is the light and warmth of the sun.

Now bring this warm, gold energy of the sun into your solar plexus.  Here you feel how warm and powerful this energy is, and now begin to move this energy up into the heart chakra located in the heart area.  When you feel your heart chakra is filled with this energy, imagine a point in the center of the sun….feel your mind, your heart, your body, becoming filled with the energy of the sun. Feel yourself becoming bigger and brighter where you become one, a radiating ball of light.

Now, sit for awhile in calm reflection, in the center of the sun, and just let this experience fill you to the very core of your being.  Breathe it in with long, slow breaths.
And now, while your mind is calm, and powerful, decide what prosperity you desire to manifest in life right now.  Anything is possible while you are in your bubble.  See it clearly, focus all of your attention on it, stay with it. Know that it is already yours.  Know that you can be as prosperous as you envision yourself to be.  Add any details to this scenario as they come into your mind.
Now take a picture with your mind’s flash camera, and lock it in. Very slowly now, feel yourself returning to the room, feeling your feet, your arms, your face.  Take a minute to feel yourself totally back in your body, relaxed and regenerated and prosperous.

Take some time over a period of two weeks to go within this process, to crystallize what you are desiring to create in your life.

Many Blessings to you, Nirup