Psychic Reading Promotion-Spring 2014

Now is an ideal time to gain a little beneficial insight for whats ahead this spring–2014. We can all use as much information as we can get to make our lives a little better, can’t we?

For this Spring I have some good news. In celebrating the Spring upon us I am offering a special 1/2 hour psychic phone reading or a 2 question psychic email reading.

Normally a 1/2 hour phone reading is $65.00, but between now and June 15, 2011 a 1/2 hour phone reading is only $50.00, that is a 25% discount. If you prefer you can book a 2 question psychic email reading for $45.00. It is my way of saying thank you and giving back a little for all that I have received.  It would make a nice gift for a loved one or a well-deserved gift to yourself.

You can request some dates and times that your prefer, I will call you and set-up the date & time for the phone reading. You can also call 928-203-0749 to set up an appointment, Friday to Tuesday, I am off on Wednesday and Thursday.

I am happy to announce that I have added to my website many interesting articles and stories around psychic and spiritual subjects.  Please feel free to visit the articles.

Astrology Forecast Prediction for the Spring 2014

Since we are coming into the Spring it is also a great time to receive an Astrology Forecast Report.  A Forecast report lets you see ahead possibilities on your path. Incredibly detailed and accurate, providing you with a breakdown of daily events along with sage advice so that you can take advantage of opportunities in love, finances, career & more! This report explains not only what will happen, but in almost every interpretation also gives friendly and helpful advice on how to best handle the astrological influences. This is a practical guide on how to deal with future trends in your life. This forecast report describes future trends, particularly psychological and environmental changes that you are likely to encounter. Each astrological influence lasts from a few days to a few months, so you can see longer term as well as short-term trends in your life.  You can purchase a 3-month, 6-month, 9-month or one-year report.

Other Astrology Reports people like to receive are the Compatibility Lovers/Romance, Karmic Insight & Past Life Reports, Birth Natal Report, Relocation and more… to view reports click here Astrology Reports.

Awakening Your Intuition

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way”. –Florence Scovel Shinn

People often refer to “gut feelings, or instincts.”  this s a sense of knowing what cannot easily be rationally expressed or intellectually confirmed.  People are often heard to say things like, “I knew I should have done that” and there is usually an overriding feeling of something being either right or wrong, without having a specific reason for it.  Where does this feeling come from?  Is there an innate psychic or intuitive faculty from which we could all benefit?  How do we access it?  And if we do so, why won’t we trust this extra sense, which is often referred to, as our sixth sense.  Having a psychic reading may help you awaken your own intuitive abilities to a greater degree in the same way a candle may light another candle. So, please contact me and I look forward to helping you in whatever psychic way I can.

Life is the sum of all your choices.  –Albert Camus. Using all of our senses including our intuitive or psychic sense–helps us in making better choices. Here’s to a year of great choices.

Spring 2011 Manifestation Exercise

As the Spring is upon us – it is a time of rebirth, not only for nature but ourselves,  we usually set out with lots of good intentions.  Make a list of your goals in the order of their importance. Maybe you want to give more time to your children or your parents, or renew old and valued friendships.  Your partner may need you to demonstrate your love a little more, or you might want to embark on an adventurous new project at work.  If you truly want something then you have to believe it can happen.

To ensure that the bountiful universe helps us to fulfill our goals, we are going to visualize them being successfully achieved in the future.  When that time comes they are more likely to be attained.

1) Sitting comfortably and quietly, envision yourself rising to the highest level you can reach – imagine riding on the wind until you can go no higher.

2) From this position view the year ahead. See each of your goals being realized in the best possible way for all concerned.  Now imagine all the people who will be in your life to love you and be loved by you, to share mutual support and encouragement.

3) Now travel into the future, seeing only beneficial scenarios for all the people involved. Greet everyone whose life you intend to enrich in the coming year. When you have warmly greeted them, let your imagination ride high with theirs through to the end of the year.

4) Thank them for a brilliant journey, as gratitude is a health-giving emotion. Then return to the here and now, refreshed and ready for a superb year.

Health & Well Being

Stress is now a major health issue in our society, partly due to our hectic modern lifestyles, but also because our relationship with nature has been partially severed through lack of contact – we walk on concrete, drink cola, eat highly processed foods, and drive everywhere. Meditation can help to calm the mind, relieving the buildup of the daily stresses that can lead to disease. You can reestablish your connection with nature and allow it to nurture you. When you focus on the earth element in meditation, you become sensitive to it, attuning yourself to its vibrational energies. You then learn to absorb its qi. By balancing the qi you develop harmony in body, mind, and emotions.

Meditating on the Earth Element

This meditation is best done outdoors, while sitting or standing on the earth, establishing direct contact with its energies. If sitting make sure you have good contact with your feet flat on the ground, keeping the back as straight as possible.

1)Tell each part of your body to relax in turn, starting with the feet and working you way up.
2)Try to become sensitive to the earth’s energy. Feel the ground beneath you; feel at one with it. If it helps, visualize yourself surrounded by earth.
3)Feel the earth’s healing energy entering and filling your body and energizing your abdomen. Breath in this energy. As you breathe out, expel all the negative energy in your body into the depths of the earth. Repeat this breathing exercise in cycles of 9, building up to a total of 36 breathing cycles.
4)Now take the time to spend a few minutes free of thoughts. Sit quietly and simply enjoy the earth around you. If any thoughts do come into your mind,quickly let them go and bring your mind back to your breathing.
5)When you are ready to come out of the meditation, rub your hands together and gently brush down your entire body.You should feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year thru using all of your abilities and senses, I look forward to hearing from you.


Nirup is a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Spiritual Counselor with 20 years experience.  She trained in India for seven years and in the USA and Canada another eleven years in the areas of Psychic Development, Past Life Regression, Meditation and Spiritual Counseling, EFT and Creative Therapy.  In Victoria BC, Canada she owned a meditation/healing center, where she lead workshops in psychic development, classes in meditation and private sessions in spiritual counseling and psychic readings. Nirup now lives in Sedona Arizona where she gives private sessions in West Sedona. Please call for an appointment.