Man is a Seed of Great Potential

by Osho

We are not strangers, outsiders. We are part of existence. This is our home. We are not here accidentally; we are here because we are needed. We are here because god wanted us to be here in the first place. It is his will. Hence nobody need feel alienated. That is one of the most fundamental problems that humanity is facing today. All over the world intelligent people are very worried, disturbed, anxious why are we here?

According to science it seems accidental. And if we are accidental then we are useless; then whether we are or are not makes no difference. And if it makes not difference than our life loses all meaning; hence all over the world there is a climate of meaninglessness. God simply means nothing but ‘meaning.’ Life is meaningful – that’s the whole meaning of god.

To me god is not a person. It is the meaningfulness of existence. It is a presence rather than a person. All that is needed is that you create emptiness in yourself – not that you seek god. The moment you are empty something from the beyond penetrates you, fills your emptiness. You start overflowing with something absolutely new which you have never tasted, never known before. It is such a blessing, such a benediction. It is such an ecstasy that from that very moment you know that there is no birth, no death; you are also eternal. From that very moment you know that you are part of a tremendous energy called godliness. Godliness is like an oceanic energy; we are just waves in it.

Osho is an enlightened Master from India