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Women of Spirit

Sedona, AZ: Renowned Sedona psychic Nirup Barnum presents a 2 1/2 day retreat and workshop in Sedona, Arizona, designed to help women make changes to their lives, starting from the inside out. The retreat centers on proven techniques, effective tools, and guided processes to help women overcome everyday challenges and obstacles to realize a purposeful, joyful life.

Nirup, a spiritual teacher with over 10 years in Spiritual Mystery Schools, 7 years in India and 3 1/2 years in the USA, comments, “Here is an opportunity to learn balance, a connection of the divine feminine energy and the ability to be in a place of flow, ease and grace. And, in this women’s retreat you will have the support and inspiration of other women who have already walked the path to personal freedom.”

Nirup encourages women to share and support each other. She adds, “For the past 22 years I have guided and supported thousands of people. It has been and continues to be my passion and calling to help people take the steps needed to go deeper into themselves, understand why they are here, and how to make a deeper connection to God/Source/Spirit, and then help them discover how to best contribute to those around them and to the world.”

Topics Covered in This Spiritual Retreat Include:

Inner Knower Process — A technique to help you in finding answers, insights and direction to everyday questions and issues in your life.

EFT Tapping Technique – In simple steps, clearing away blocks, patterns, beliefs.

Meditation — What is meditation, easy steps on how to best meditate, how to clear the mind in order to de stress and find peace clarity and balance.

Opening High Sense Perception / Intuition and Psychic Senses — What are they, why should we want to get in touch with them, and how to best get in touch with them, in order to be able to know what to get and what to avoid in our lives, and to manifest what we desire.

Meeting Your Guides — A process to connect to your guides and angels, to learn who they are, what part do they play in your life, and how to access them and receive direction, and support whenever you need to.

Understanding the Chakras — Are the charkas real? Yes, absolutely. By understanding the chakra system, what it is, and how to work with them, we can understand and make better use of ourselves.

What is Chi energy – Getting in touch with your life force healing energy, understanding your energy body and how by doing so can support you in your life.

Sedona Spiritual Vortex Experience — Visit a powerful vortex site, connect to the healing energies of the land. Allow the connection of Sedona’s vortexes expand and amplify whatever is needed for our spiritual growth.

Qi Gong Technique — An energy technique to de stress, calm the mind, energize the body.

Spiritual Path — How to be on your spiritual path, what path is right for you, and the steps you need to take, to develop further along your path, towards your spiritual understanding and awakening of who you are.

Exploring Self — Making sense of why am I here, what is my life’s purpose, how to make a deeper connection to my divine self and that of God/Source/Spirit.

Sedona Chosen as Place of Retreat

Nirup chose Sedona as the location of her retreat for a number of compelling reasons. Known as a place of awe inspiring beauty, where many people come to be nurtured and supported by the powerful energy of the red rocks, Nirup explains that Sedona can accelerate the growth, awakening, and healing process. She notes, “People come here from all over the world for rest, rejuvenation, and to take time to go inward, to their deeper part of themselves to search and seek into deeper meaning about their lives. They may be looking for direction, answers, and connections to their spiritual selves, or find answers and directions to everyday issues or decisions that need to be made.”

Nirup’s next retreat will be held from August 19 through August 21, 2011 and is limited to 12 participants. Cost of the 2 1/2 day event is $750; early registration is $695.00. The fee includes the workshop and shared accommodation.

Those interested in taking part in Nirup’s workshops and retreats can sign up online at or call 928-300-8338 for more information.