Miracle Man – John of God

Miracle Man – John of God

by Tiffany

There has been a phenomenon of paranormal miracles occurring in a small town in Brazil for many years. These miracle healings have happened by the hand of a man named “John of God? The first time I heard of this man I was a manicurist at the Ritz Carlton in Las Vegas, NV. I just opened myself up to my spiritual journey, I was just as “normal” or “asleep” as the rest of the world; I had a feeling that year was going to be different. I had recently made a trip to Sedona and met women named Kelly Lynn whom I befriended and told you and I are going to travel the world together. She looked at me like I was nuts, five weeks later she and I were on our way to Brazil.

How I got there was a miracle in it self. I had not a penny for such an expensive trip; my finances had been devastated by a theft just the year before. I sold jewelry wholesale and my car was stolen with all my merchandise. But, I committed to the journey and within five weeks the money had arrived. I got a major tax return and a home equity loan; I had been turned down for just a month earlier. It is said that when you hear of John of God it is a calling of your higher self. I had just gotten my Reiki Master Certification and felt I wanted to be more experienced in understanding about how healing really occurs. I wanted to see a miracle. Well, I sure got more than I bargained for. I now realize going to see him is the quickest way to clearing all that no longer serves us in life.

I had the honor of experiencing how healing worked first hand, by John of God’s hands, seeing some people who got healed and others that left in disappointment, only to see them on the next returned trip renewed and full of life. I understood why some people opted for physical surgeries and others invisible ones. It was all about Faith, Courage and Love. Around the Casa De Dom Ignacio there are many triangles that have just those words around it. People who traveled from all over the world with nothing but, those expressions left. Illnesses that were deemed fatal, diagnosis that were hopeless. But, they traveled there by the thousands, in wheelchairs, being carried, and on crutches. All in the sweltering heat of the Brazilian sun. I wondered why on earth would people do this? Could this man possibly be real?

Then I had the opportunity to encounter the man John of God, myself. I went in front of the entities for the first time and felt a calm and peace surround me like I had never felt before in my life. He took my hand and gave me the sweetest most inviting smile I had ever seen; my life would never be the same. My question was to be cleared of all blocks to my divine life purpose. After one minute in his presence, then the other sitting in the current room where he sat, I saw a miracle performed. I mentally asked to watch a surgery (you are required to close your eyes in the current room) I was telepathically given the answer to open my eyes, only to see him take a knife and scrape the eye balls of a man. Within moments he was talking to me telepathically and revealing to me the reason for this was that everything in the body was connected to the eyes and the pituitary gland. They were the easiest way to reach all parts of the body that needed healing. It was also to heal on different levels of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

During the meditation in the current room I also experienced my first encounter with the transmutation of dark energy or entities. I was being taught by the John of God entities how every human being is of the light and that it is just the shadows of our pain that separate us from that light. One by one the covers of darkness are removed. I could hear the screams and yells of these dark ones from the people themselves, not wanting to be removed. They were saying”I will not go I will kill her first!” I was very frightened and the John of God entity told me it was just thought forms being removed, old belief systems and fear being released. I was told all that is not love, is fear. If you buy into the fear it exists for you. I knew now why I was told to buy the whole Matrix series and bring it as homework on the trip.

The entities showed me how to transmute the energy with the Violet flame of transmutation. To visualize the individual and look to see if you can see even a pin drop size of light, it is ok; shoot the flame to dissipate the darkness. I tried it and it worked! So simple and it worked. They showed me how to see the good in all beings and individuals past the pain of their wounds. The only thing that separated me from them was the illusion of darkness and separation. I was taught that we are all connected to the oneness and all inherently good by nature it is just the illusion of separation that keeps us in the dark.

I talked to many people some who had physical surgeries and asked why they choose to experience that. Some replied they needed proof. Others said they felt they were told by the entities to do so, to be an example and inspiration of the miracles that were occurring. Proof of John of God’s healing, live testimony of the entities work, which many people were happy to do, for they said they felt no pain or discomfort. I opted for what they call psychic surgery. (non physical surgery) and boy did I get one. When I left the Casa de Dom Ignacio I was told to go immediately to my room and I barely made it there. I passed out. I was physically unable to move, my consciousness was aware, but my body immobile. I need to remind you that before I had come to Brazil I did not know I was psychic or telepathic. I just thought I was spiritual and on a quest. I had been frustrated that I had no psychic abilities or “gifts? and here I was seeing visions and apparitions. I physically felt as though I was having surgery. I could not move as though I was under anesthesia. All I had was the water from the Casa. For five days I lay in bed only to get up to eat and use the restroom. The rest of the time I was processing old memories and pain from my childhood. I dreamed excessively and in most of my dreams, John of God was there explaining things to me. One other being was present for me as well and that was Jesus. I was what I called a reformed Catholic and being at the Casa with so many religious symbols was a bit difficult it brought up a lot of repression from my childhood and past lives. But, it was different they had pictures of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Buddha, and other Doctors and Saints of the past. I was realizing that they got the bigger picture. These Ascended Master beings, were all here to help us, to heal us.

Each time I walked in front of the entity (John of God) he looked different. His look would change as he channeled different beings. Sometimes he would be soft and his eyes would be blue and so unconditionally loving and hold your hand, this was when I knew he was channeling Jesus. Sometimes his eyes would be large and really brown and I knew this was Dom Ignacio. When his hair was messy and he was doing physical surgeries he had double chins I knew this was the surgeon Xavier. There are many more that he channels these are just the ones most noticeable to me. Now, being psychic myself I could see hundreds of beings in the room.

John of God knows what you have come for even before you do. He also knows when you will return before you do. When you go in front of the Entities (John of God) you can ask up to three questions, but by my second time in front of him I realized I did not need to ask, he knew what I needed. My experience was a bit different because I was there for learning and spiritual growth and clearing. Most of my messages were given to me telepathically. This was very difficult because I had to trust my intuition. John of God was very present, so present in my thoughts and mind that it was undeniable; coincidences happening left and right. By the time I left the casa the first visit to go back home, I was clairvoyant, empathic, a medium, clairaudient, clairsentient, and was a true healer. I had no intentions of moving from Las Vegas and my last question to him was where I should live, I named three places Sedona being on of them he circled and with-in six months I was living there and working as a psychic and healer.

The people I met on my first trip to Brazil had very miraculous stories: one woman from Germany who on her first visit came in a wheelchair, the ligaments in her knee had turned to mush and she was told she would never be able to walk again. It was degenerative disease. By her second visit she was on a walker and her third she had walking sticks and by the time I met her he had taken away her sticks and she was walking with a slight limp. She was in amazement, she said it was a progression of 3 years, but she was walking. Another woman I met had a tumor wrapped around her spine, no, doctor in the US or Europe would operate on her for fear of cutting her spinal cord. I watched as this woman had a physical operation, John of God pulled and tugged into a 2 inch incision twisted and manipulated this deflated baseball size tumor, pulled it out and showed us, then tossed it aside, the whole while the women just stood there without a peep. He sewed her up and she walked off stage and was eating soup a few minutes later, her wound healed within 6 days.

I could go on for days telling stories about people I met and I will if you ask. But, I experienced so many shifts and changes in people each time not only physical but, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You see healing has to come on all levels. When we get a dis-ease it is the last crystallization of energy that has manifested in the body. Everything we create in our lives starts at the level of thought. There are cellular memories we bring in from past lives, childhood traumas, belief systems, and old programming. We have come to earth to learn lessons for our soul?s growth and in this growth we have chosen to experience certain ailments. So when we come to a person like John of God we are asking the ultimate in healing to be healed not only of the disease that plagues us but, to be healed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and last physically. Healing on all these levels takes time and a soul commitment to reverse what we have spent a lifetimes creating with our thoughts and old programming.

The many people I have talked to all say the same whether I live or die is not the end result of coming here it was finding my truth that makes this all worth it. So, I would say to you if this seems like something you would like to experience join me and I will guide you on a tour to your self discovery and healing. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work so closely with the John of God Entities and I will do my best to get you to them safely and help you to understand your processing with unconditional love and compassion. I feel very honored and privileged to be a guide to the most amazing man of our time John of God. I have guided many people for many reasons when you?re called you will know and I would love to help.

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Love and abundant light


The Author: Tiffany is a pure psychic channel, empath, Reiki Master, healer, medium, and spiritual counselor. She has traveled to many sacred sites around the world to study, learn, and heal herself so she can be a pure conduit of love and light and bring forth the highest energy and vibration in her psychic readings and spiritual healings.

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