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We mediums are go-betweens from this physical reality to the spiritual reality. We are a bridge from those who are seen to those who are unseen. Psychic mediums can hear spirits, sense spirits and some psychic mediums can actually see spirits. It is understandably difficult for normal people to understand or believe what mediums know to be true. Then again, it is probably just as difficult for blind or deaf individuals to, at times, believe what normal people see and hear and know to be true.

Why do people have a psychic medium contact crossed over loved ones? Primarily, to get closure and peace of mind and to know their loved ones are safe and in a good place, or simply hoping to communicate one more time. It is quite remarkable to see the changes in those who at the start of a reading may be feeling sad, depressed, remorseful over past unfinished business, or simply a deep longing to know how their loved one is. But after the contact with a departed loved one, then feel relived, peaceful and, in some cases, even elated; a deep healing can take place.

As psychic mediums we contact those who have crossed over but who have not yet reincarnated. For psychic mediums, reincarnation is a real thing.

“There it is again, a feeling that in a past life I was someone named Shirley MacLaine.”

Consider the fact, that we are a spirit with a body and when our body shuts down our spirit simply moves along to another dimension. It is in this other dimension where spirits reside waiting for the next incarnation and by using our mediumship ability that we are able to communicate with those spirits and they with us.

Sometimes as a medium during a session we are not able to contact a spirit. When this happens it can be because they may not wish to communicate or are unable to. They may be doing work for others or doing their own soul’s work, or then again, they have already reincarnated into their next life.

The experience of contacting departed loved ones, those spirits on the other side, can provoke us to look deeper in search of who we really are. Many people who are interested in contacting spirits also have an interest to explore their past lives, to see who they were before and to understand their spiritual path or their souls journey.

Why do people wish to have a past life reading or past life regression? First, what is the difference between the two? A past life reading is where the psychic does all the work and provides the client with the information regarding their past life; giving information about who they were.

In a past life regression, the psychic who is trained in past life regression or a qualified past life regressionist guides the client into a past life. In this way the client receives a first hand experience of one of their past lives. This is more difficult but also more satisfying for the client. In this way the client has the experience of reliving the life, even the thoughts, emotions and events feel real. Many people are truly surprised at what they experience. It is reliving the life as if it were yesterday.

Can you have a forward life reading? Yes, providing a little understanding of the ground rules. Ground rules? Absolutely. Just as there are physical laws and laws of physics, there are psychic laws and laws of karma. Existence provides opportunities- that’s fate, and then there’s the choices you make regarding your opportunities, that’s your destiny. So, you have many possible types of future lives. Nevertheless, you have a most probable dominant future life and that can be a worthwhile thing to learn about.

To get more information about mediums, there are books by well known psychic mediums of our era; a few are: John Edward; Sylvia Browne; Jeane Dixon; James Van Praagh; and, Edgar Cayce. The latest well know psychic Allison DuBois, a psychic medium investigator played by Patricia Arquett in the hit TV series called “Medium”. Patricia does a great job portraying the daily life of a psychic medium investigator and the ways that information can come through to a psychic. To date Allison DuBois has over 2000 investigative cases from the police force she is working on now and in the future.

Nirup is a qualified psychic medium.  She works  in mediumship work to bring closure between those living and those on the other side. She works one on one and does not do group work. Contact Nirup for a mediumship session for emotional guidance and closure for your departed loved one.

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