Meditation in NatureIt came to me as I was meditating this morning, to share with you how to use nature as a meditation. Siting in nature, and BEING, not trying to do anything, figure out anything, just BREATHING AND RELAXING into the moment; the feeling and knowing there was is no where to go but this very moment. Yes we all want some easier methods, or someone else to bring it to us or to do it for us, but we are the ones that have to do it for ourselves to get what we want, to be in the space that we want. Looking outside of ourselves, is something we have been programmed to do, it is alot tougher going within, we are not used to it, but also have not be taught how to go within.

So when you are out in nature, find a nice place to sit that is quiet, close your eyes, put your hands on your lower belly, take a deep relaxed breath and give a good sigh, let out the tension with the exhalation. Begin focusing on your body being supported by what you are sitting on. Just go into feeling, no thinking, NOTICING, and NOTICING, and NOTICING, being a witness to what you are sensing. Noticing the sensations on the body, the wind, the sun, the breeze etc. Keeping your eyes closed, then go into hearing, not thinking but hearing only, the sounds around you, take your time to notice all the subtle sounds, breathing and relaxing. Then go into smelling, notice any smells or fragrances, just keep tuned into your subtle higher senses. Stay in this space, noticing you are more energy and consciousness than the mind/mental plane and physical body. Take 15 minutes or so to just be, resting in your lower belly, relaxing. NO Thinking, just being, focusing on your breathing, watching the breath go down into the belly, and watching the exhalation will help. Just remember, nothing to do, no where to go, but “IN”, resting in gratitude and joy.

Have a Blessed Day.