Love is what makes the world go around and the stars can guide your way! A personal Astrology reading for your Love life can especially guide you in relationships giving you information on what partners best suit your personality, meet your heart and soul, match your direction and help you grow through life challenges.

There are many kinds of love relationships that include friendship, passion and soul mate companions. It’s good to know what combinations are best suited for you and not try to make someone into what they are not. You may be best friends but the sexual thing just doesn’t work out or just the opposite finding a lot of sexual magnetism but you don’t value the same things in life. The easy relationships seem to fuel us along the way while the more challenging ones require a higher kind of unconditional love where compassion is at play. Sometimes you need challenges to become more aware of your potential but too challenges may weigh you down and can hold you back from living your life fully. Most often we get hints of this in the beginnings of relationships but clouded by romance may not listen to our intuition. Other times we may let fears from the past get in the way and hold us back from what could be a dynamic growth relationship.

Having a personal consultation can tell so much more as it looks deeper into what you are attracted to in a mate or partner, why you have met, what you are gaining and learning or why a relationship isn’t working and what you can do. You can discover the purpose of your relationship and your past life connections. You have likely had an intuition about a friend or partner that feels so familiar as if you have known them before. The reason why can be revealed in your astrology chart.

Sometimes you have a sense about your lover but it may not be clear when so many emotions and feelings are stirred up. When love opens the doors of our hearts and the light shines in it usually shows some of the dust in the corners. This is the time to look and clear it out by learning how to communicate with each other. Relationships can give you so much when you open to see all the hidden gifts they bring.

Knowing your astrology signs can help you to see what’s under the covers so to speak, know how to best communicate with each other so you feel understood, what turns you on so you can grow and set each other free to be yourself.

Lovers Astrology can help you to understand what these areas are and support you to grow beyond your limitations. It will show you what you are looking for in your relationships. Certain times of your life require looking inside yourself for what is happening and this investigation helps you to relate better to your loved ones.

I look at four aspects in your astrological chart to discover how you express yourself and relate to others – The Lover, the Warrior, the Magician and the King(Queen) along with your present karma and Past Lives.

Lovers are ruled by Venus. In both ideals and the tangible it can bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven through partnership, creativity, sensuality, pleasure, your values and how you love.

Warrior energy is depicted by Mars and where it is in your chart. It describes your sexual and physical energy and what motivates and drives you.

The Queens/Kings represent the energy of your Sun sign how you shine and show up in life, your purpose and view of life.

The Magician is symbolized by Mercury the Messenger and is about how you think and communicate, give and receive information. Its part of the unique way you express yourself through a variety of qualities such as intuition, perception, sensing, judging, logic or feeling.

The Moon rules your feelings and emotions, moods, family roots and your habit patterns. The moon signs are significant information to know about living with your lover and whether it will be easy or challenging or near impossible. I look at how to make it more workable and what you can create together. If you don’t sweat the small stuff you can learn how to fan each others flames and ride the big waves right into shore.

Pluto and the Lunar Nodes show why you have met and what your Soul Purpose is for coming together. Your subconscious mind will have a sense of this and is usually to complete something and support each other in life’s experiences. (See article on Past Lives)

Nirup is a gifted psychic intuitive counselor, She leads psychic development and medical intuitive healing seminars. Nirup consults both locally and internationally, writes articles and teaches classes in Self awareness, and meditation.