Enlightenment Spiritual Teacher Coach 1Many people ask me, how do I protect my energy field. Sometime I take on others peoples energy, people I know or people I don’t know. Or even being in a particular environment affects my energy.

What is our energy field? Our energy field, is part of our spiritual body, located within us and around our physical body. This energy field is also known as the Aura.

It is good to be aware of the external energies that surround us at all times. As these energies can affect not only the auric field itself but also our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

We pick up energies from others all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. It can be positive but also negative. It may be you are around someone and they are feeling down, irritated, angry, or they have a dark sense about them. In being around these people you start to feel you want to contract your energy away from them. Or begin to feel an irritation in yourself, or your emotions, and thoughts are being affected. You may also begin to feel a sick feeling in your stomach, or a tightness in your chest or belly area. It might even be that you don’t notice it in the moment but after you leave them or they leave you, you feel bad, drained, tired or lousy inside. You might not even be aware of this until someone else points it out to you.

Why does this happen? This is because you allowed their energy into your field, or you gave your energy over to them without being aware that you were doing so. So how do we protect ourselves from other people’s energies and our environment.

This becomes a conscious attempt to take the steps to protect yourself. It is strengthening your energy field so that you do not allow yourself to take on negative energy from others.

Ways to Protect Our Energy Field

We can affect our own auric field (energy body) we can protect it and change it through different means. Practicing daily meditations, learning about the chakras and understanding more about your energy centers in your body, can help to increase the spiritual power you own.

Spiritual Energy Protection

Mirror Protection – Visualizing mirrors surrounding you, facing outward, reflecting back the energy from where it came, doing this will prevent the energy from coming into your energy field.

Shower Cleansing – Water can cleanse our energy field, emotional and mental body. Taking a shower after you have come in contact with the environment or someone who has disturbed your energy field or emotional or mental body, is very refreshing, using cool to warm water is best. You can visualize the water washing away the energies and see it leaving your field washing down the drain.

Smudging – This is using sage, cedar or juniper to clear your energy field. This can be used as dried sticks, that you light on fire, or loose in a container that you can burn it in; like an ashtray, a special bowl or shell, make sure it is heat or fire resistant. You can find these items at health food stores, metaphysical shops or online. You use it by burning it and allowing the smoke to cleanse your field, you can also clear your room, car etc, where people have come into your space and left behind their energy. These items can also be bought and used in a spray form.

Flower Essences – There are a number of products made such as aroma therapy, bach flower essences, and others that can be used to protect and clear your energy field, again check out health food stores, metaphysical shops or online, or even your grocery store.

Meditation – Various meditation practices and energy centering techniques, such as grounding and clearing your chakras and energy field, do some research online to find the ones you resonate with. I have included in this manual several that you can use.

Using these techniques will help you to stay clear, energized and healthy.