Horoscopes are predictions or advice for a current time period or for the
future based on the moment of a person’s birth and the signs of the zodiac.

Life is a wondrous puzzle made easier with the more pieces you have. If you are open and receptive, you will learn that you are connected to a larger realm that can provide you more pieces to the “better life puzzle.” Your birth is connected to your karma. The horoscope and astrology charts may give you additional information about your karma which holds the keys to what is easy for you to gain and what is necessary for you to avoid for living your ideal life.

A horoscope is a mini piece of insight and a astrology chart gives a much larger piece of insight as to your karmic gifts and challenges and how to live an optimum life. Are you completely content with your life? Is it possible to be completely happy with your life? The answer to the latter question is yes. How so? If you are moving in the direction of your proper karmic life pattern, while you will have many things to accomplish, you will be completely in harmony with your direction and accompanying activities. You will also meet and develop long lasting relationships with those you are meant to be with from your karmic imprints.