Would you like to see into the future and know what is going to happen?
Of course you would, if you could. Because then you would a huge advantage on how to make more money and gain a better position in life. But, the odds are that you don’t have the ability. So, where does that leave you? If you still want a peek into the unknown, then you will want to find someone who has that talent. You need a fortune teller or a metaphysical type person who can do fortune telling.

Fortune telling is the practice of predicting some part of an individuals’ or groups’ future life, through psychic or mystical means, and often for personal or commercial gain.

Fortune Tellers who do the telling of one’s future possible fortunes can be found all around the world.

American and European Fortune Telling
Some common ways of doing fortune telling in the United States of America and Europe are: tarot (fortune telling with tarot cards); crystallomancy (reading of the future with a crystal ball); tasseography (reading tea leaves in a cup or bowl); lithomancy
(reading with gems or stones); psychic (reading with a psychic with one or of psychic abilities); astrology (reading with a birth date astrology report); spirit board (fortune telling with a spirit board); chiromancy ( reading of the palms — palmistry); and, pendulum ( fortune telling using a pendulum).

African Fortune Telling has a traditional method of casting or throwing the bones.
Not all of the “bones” are actually bones; small objects that include shells, stones, strips of leather, or flat pieces of wood. In general, most casting or throwing methods are performed often within a circle.

Chinese Fortune Telling, better known as Suan Ming (Chinese: literally meaning “fate calculating”) uses five primary techniques:

1) Face Reading — Interpretation of the facial features of the nose, eyes, mouth and other criteria within one’s face and the conversion of those elements into predictions for the future. The upper region of the face represents youth, the middle region of the face represents middle age, and the lower region of the face represents old age.

2) Bazi – This method is the most popular of the Chinese Fortune Telling methods.
The simplest variant is called: “Ziping Bazi.” Invented by Master Ziping, generally it involves taking four components of time, the hour of birth, day, month and year. And
then, the information is analyzed by the Daymaster and the client is told about his or her destiny in life, current situation and area for their most successful occupation.

3) Zi Wei Dou Shu – This procedure, sometimes loosely called (Chinese: pik meng) or Purple Star Astrology or Emperor/Purple (Star) Astrology, involves the client seeking an advisor with a mastery of the Chinese calendar for the telling of their fortune.

4) Palm Reading – This analyzes the pattern of the palm lines for love, personality, and other traits. It is somewhat like Western palmistry in technique.

5) Kau Cim – This requires the shaking of a Bamboo cylinder, which results in at least one incense stick leaving the cylinder. The Chinese characters inscribed on the stick are analyzed by an interpreter. The fortune teller’s prediction is short range, as it covers one Chinese calendar year. In the West, this method is known under the trade-name “Chi-Chi sticks.”

Korean Fortune Telling
In Korea there are a growing number of fortune-telling cafes and fortune-teller stalls springing up around the streets of Seoul and other major Korean cities. Many Koreans head to a fortune teller during the New Year to ask for guidance in their career path, love life, or about their possible fortunes. Whether it’s “Saju” (Saju, or four pillars, studies a person’s life and predicts fortunes based on the four pillars: month, day, year and time of birth.), tarot cards, palm reading or psychics, fortune telling is popular. Women will seek a fortune teller’s opinion on “gunghap” or one’s compatibility with a romantic interest, or a businessman will ask if a particular project or investment would be wise or not.

South American Fortune Telling
Throughout South America Shamans provide fortune-telling with the reading of cocoa leaves.

Russian Fortune Telling
Fortune Telling is a cultural phenomenon at all levels in Russian society. Fortune Tellers and various types of fortune- telling have been popular with urban and highly educated Russians from the eighteenth century up to the present.

Fortune Telling Robots of India
Currently, in India, there are street vendor carts with large yellow robots that will tell you your fortune for a small fee.

There are also real human fortune tellers who you can find chatting away to their
parrots, which are as integral to their brand of fortune telling as a crystal ball, tea leaves or tarot cards. You can find one of these saasthiri (or soothsayers) to give you a fortune telling reading with the assistance of one of his parrots for a very reasonable 10 rupee fee (about 25 cents).

And on and on it goes all around our space travelling globe.

Why is fortune telling so sought after by all levels of people in all of world’s cultures? Because to some degree, where you are and what you’re doing is due to your fortune telling abilities. It doesn’t matter if you used your intellect, feelings, hunches, intuition, or combination of these abilities, for your prediction or fortune telling skills which helped you make your decisions in life. You are where you are because those decisions. And, if you could find a fortune teller which might give you a beneficial insight about your future, then you could make a better decision and get ahead with your life easier.

Please consider this, if you are not satisfied with your career/job or not happy with personal relationship(s), then having a fortune telling, intuitive or psychic reading may help you. Might you benefit from or a situation in your life be improved with an additional insight? I believe the answer is yes.

I hope to hear from you.

Love and Light,