Dream Interpretation

There is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream,
and that will eventually startle us back to
the truth of who we are.


Wendy Lindahl, M.A.

With all that’s currently going on in the world, our dreams are especially important and relevant for our life’s journey. Dreams are the doorways to the soul and magic carpets to our spirit and heart’s calling. Have you had an interesting dream lately?

After developing an easy 4-step process, I have worked with the dreams of clients to help them interpret their own insights. This process deeply honors your personal symbols and encourages new understanding of the dream by encoding the messages waiting to be revealed.

The 4-step process is for you if you have ever wondered what your dreams might be telling you if you have recurring dreams premonitions about the future or visitations from loved ones who’ve crossed over. What does your dream have to tell you?

For over 15 years I have seen that our dreams are can provide soul guidance on relationships, health, career and creative solutions to obstacles and outdated patterns. Healing insight and wisdom are hidden in your dreams! Creative action and wonderful life changes are often the result!

Dream Interpretation Sessions teach you this rich method of working with your dreams while providing an individualized analysis of your dream. Explore inspiring new insights while honoring the inner wisdom of your unconscious. The techniques and skills used in our session can easily be learned and used with your future dreams or with the dreams shared by your family and friends.

*This process even can help you begin dreaming again.

Dreams are today’s answers
to tomorrow’s questions.
~Edgar Cayce


Wendy Lindahl, M.A.Wendy’s skillful guidance in Creative Arts Therapy and intuitive dream interpretations delight clients as she brings a gifted sensitivity to her sessions. She draws on many years of expertise with a Masters of Arts degree and as a teacher of body/mind practices and dream interpretation.

She enjoys studying dream symbols, mythology, personal and collective stories and the wisdom within. She’s a lover of the mysteries of life with a passion for dance, poetry, art, meditation, yoga and nature, drawing a spiritual wisdom, depth and playfulness to her practice. She has taught hundreds of people to listen to the dream wisdom of their unconscious.

As a therapist and facilitator for over 15 years, she has taught her four-step dream interpretation process with corporations, creative arts groups, at Arizona State University, Cigna Healthcare, her own Bodyworks Health and Wellness Center, and currently at Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment Resort.

A dream which is not interpreted
is like a letter which is not read.
~The Talmud (ancient biblical text)


Sessions in person or by phone 15-minute: dream interpretation, quick and easy- $30
30-minute: full dream interpretation using four step process- $60
45-minute: dream interpretation and coaching- $75
60-minute: dream interpretation with in-depth support- $90

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Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.~Marsha Norman
(Pulitzer prize winning playwright and novelist)