Dream interpretation reveals new insights in times of change

by Wendy Lindahl

Sedona is one of the most spiritually powerful places on our planet. Those with a connection to Sedona know that their personal insights are being awakened and our potential to bring this consciousness to the living earth has now arrived. I had been living and working as a Counselor, Dream Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Creative Arts and Dance Therapist and had a wonderful Community Wellness Center in Tempe, AZ for 12 years called Bodyworks Studio. I had started to feel pangs of wanting more, more nature, more art, passion and that blessed unrest we all know about when it’s time to shift. Shortly after that I had a dream; in the dream, there was a phone call for me. My assistant answered and the post-it note said, “Destiny”. It wasn’t too difficult interpret this one. Clear as day. Destiny called!

I then had the courage that I needed to follow my own heart and follow my calling. These days I am a semi-newlywed, am painting, hiking, dancing and enjoying my work at Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa, teaching and offering sessions at the #1 Destination Spa in the world!

Each of us has a calling, a destiny and a still small voice within that says NOW. Getting clear on what that calling is, when the time is right to make changes and what is calling us to be of service now in the world is much of what this dream interpretation approach reveals.

From the individual to the collective, our dreams can reveal unique solutions and new mythologies based on creativity, rebirth and joyful connectivity. Just as indigenous cultures and shamans rely on their dreams; it is possible for us to use our dreams to guide us as well.

Dreams can be deeply personal, but they can also help guide us in our family, community, and in the greater world. Working with these mysteries of the unconscious is an exciting and rich opportunity to explore our inner landscape.

I have run weekly dream analysis groups for many years using my in-depth, yet easy to learn, four-step process. Hearing the many wonderful stories of dreams that have inspired, healed and created major life shifts has been a real joy in my life.

I have been inspired by the work of Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung, and the Psychology of Selves/Voice Dialogue models, and by the community of individuals honoring their dream wisdom. My move to Sedona nearly three years ago was inspired by a series of dreams, and I’m so glad I listened!

I would like to share a favorite poem about dreaming.

by Antonio Machado translated by Robert Bly

Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt — marvelous error!
that a spring was breaking out in my heart.

I said: Along which secret aqueduct,
oh water, are you coming to me, water of a new life that I have never drunk?

Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt — marvelous error!
that I had a beehive here inside my heart,
and the golden bees were making white combs
and sweet honey from my old failures.

Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt — marvelous error!
that a fiery sun was giving light inside my heart.
It was fiery because I felt warmth as from a hearth,
and sun because it gave light and brought tears to my eyes.

Last night, as I slept, I dreamt — marvelous error!
that it was God I had here inside my heart. zzz

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