Sedona Vortex Tours – Day Packages

Sedona Vortex Tours – Day Packages

 Vortex Tour Day Packages


If you have ever felt stressed out, confused, or in need of clarity and direction, or just need time to relax and rejuvenate, it’s time to get back to nature, discover the beauty that’s surrounding you and is within you… all while visiting Sedona’s most sacred sites!

Visit some of Sedona’s most powerful Vortexes, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Schnebly Hill, Airport Vortex, Boynton Canyon, Courthouse Rock.

Schedule a tour on the land, along with some relaxing reiki healing, or chakra reading and balancing, or a psychic or spiritual reading.

Reiki HealingPremala, your guide will lead you on a magical journey into self-discovery! You will journey to two of Sedona’s most sacred sites and experience the healing and uplifting energy of the vortexes. Your Sedona Vortex experience  will allow you to learn about the types of vortex energies, how to feel the energies. meditate, contemplate, receive a short Reiki healing, Chakra Balancing to balance your energies. In taking this tour with Premala you will have the experience to relax and come back to yourself, finding inner peace, balance and harmony.  Premala may also work with crystals to help balance your energy, and guide you into a wonderful meditation. Unlike a conventional “walk-around” tour of Sedona’s rock formations, Our Spiritual Vortex Tour will take you on a wonderful healing adventure into your spiritual quest.



Packages with Nirup & Premala

Awakening Your Spirit — Half Day Package
“Balance, Direction and Clarity”

 Spiritual Awakening Sedona 150x150 Home


Half Day Package –  3 hours $375.00
Special Discount Price $338.00

Psychic Reading — Spiritual Counseling
Life Path Reading — 2 hours
Aura Chakra Reading and Energy Balancing — 1 hour




Red Rock Half Day Package –
“Relax Rejuvenate and Get Tuned In”

 Sedona 3 small 150x150 Home

Half Day Package  — 4 ½ hr $370.00
Special for $270.00

Meditation Techniques and Tools for Balancing Your Life
Chakra Balancing and Reiki Energy Healing
Vortex Tour on Land 3 hr




Sedona Spiritual Experience
“Awakening to Your Divine Self”

Red Rocks Sunset Sedona AZFull Day Package  — 6 1/2 hours
(not including lunch break) $620.00
— Special Discount price $558.00

Learn How to Meditation Easily — 1 hr
Spirit Guides Guided Meditation — 30 min.
Soul Reading — 30 min. Learn about the Chakras — 30 min
Intuitive  and  Spiritual Development — 1hr
Vortex Tour — 3 hr


Sedona Stress Buster Half Day Package-
“Stress Buster & Vortex Tour”

 Sedona 2 small1 150x150 Home


Package -3 hrs vortex tour on the land, $150.00
Special Discount Price $120.00 discount 3 persons ($95.00 p.p.)

Learn about vortex energies, meditation and centering
and relaxation techniques to balance your life.



For more information about Sedona visit this great website Visit Sedona Soon

Call 928-203-0749 for further information or to book a tour. Or use my contact page.


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